Potential Dudes –

The people have spoken. The votes were tallied—both online and the ballot box—and the 2016 Dude Award nominees are:

Kelly ‘Dash the Ratcatcher’ Hansen

Strengths: Nobody knows more people around this school than Dashie! She attends 8 am classes some days, and 11 am or 5 pm classes other days, and is also a part of Tom’s DP program. She’s our leader, and she’s at the helm of everything we do. Nobody cares more about the community’s success than Dashie (she also happens to be a pretty good therapist when you have a problem in life). Dashie also knows how to HAVE FUN: Her recent birthday party featuring a passed-out Dashie half-hanging off her bed, as well as the Beach Day, where I last spotted her with her ass sticking out of the back of Robert’s truck, persistently digging for the last can of cider in the cooler—is a testament to the PLAY HARD side of Dashie.

Weakness: Those days an unmistakably stressed out Dashie is spotted scurrying into the school, eyes looking toward the ground—her little choppy Dashie steps in full force…


Dashie—also a finalist last year—with the 2015 Dude Cory ‘Bieber’ Jenkins

Chris ‘The Old Shepherd’ Saini

Strengths: When it comes to sociability, and an ability to connect with human beings, nobody is better than Sheppy. He’s personable and isn’t afraid to be an open, vulnerable human being—a truly rare quality. His relationships with his clients are a testament to how compassionate this man really is. Listen to his laugh: It’s as genuine as it gets!

Weakness: Andy Nutts wasn’t afraid to do the less glamorous jobs—like spending a day painting the gym. Sheppy—the Master Delegator—would be more likely to contract the job out to an apprentice.

sheppy dad

He’s also a pretty great dude dad

Alex ‘Rambo’ Alami

Strengths: While most people who have been training with us for 5-plus years cherry pick workouts, and avoid days like ‘Fran’ because they know that if they want to hit a PR they’re going to have to make it hurt more than they might want to… Not Rambo. This man lacks fear. He has been showing up what seems like 7 days a week for 6 years, never shying away from what’s written on the board. He’s also the official Volunteer of the Year. If there’s a fitness competition within 50 miles of Vancouver, Rambo is most likely giving up his weekend to judge.

Weakness: The Play Hard Dude Award requirement is suspect. Genie? What’s your husband’s social game like?


Not afraid to hurt…

Emile ‘Chesty’ Connaughton

Strengths: A three-time Dude Award finalist, there’s no doubt this community loves the Chest. When this man is coaching, he gives all of himself (sometimes too much?). His unwavering passion for coaching is hard for the other coaches to live up to. Chesty also knows when to retreat to give himself time to rejuvenate and rest up for another week. Don’t bother texting this man on Mondays: He is enjoying his Chest-time—which usually involves vaporizing and shaving his balls.

Weakness: Might be too meticulous to be a dude (Andy Nutts didn’t take 30 minutes to write the workout on the board in perfect calligraphy—he was too busy doing Dude things). We’re also not sure the last time Chesty got his heartrate above 110 bpm.


Tomorrow night sometime before midnight we will be announcing the 2016 Dude Award Winner!



Another reason to come to Nutts Cup is for the vendors selling their popular products!

We announced a while back that both These Fists Fly and Raymond James will be joining us as a vendor and sponsor this year at Nutts Cup. Others include:

RYU Apparel will be here in full force. This company is everywhere these days! They boast a beautiful location in Kits at 4th and Burrard, so check it out even if you can’t make it this weekend.

HERO Culture Clothing: Everyone in the Canada West community knows this guy – Daniel Bergson – and probably even has one of his comfy HERO hoodies! Maybe you’ve even modelled for him once or twice :) He’ll be on board all day selling them at Nutts if you need a new one!


Mainline Wellness will also be on board! They provide tailor-made, mobile IV treatment for groups and events. Perfect for recovery from a fitness competition!!

And finally The Caveman Grocer with their collection of delicious caveman eats and treats!

So come on out this Saturday!


Here are your 2016 Rankings:

27. Youth Warriors

26. PPCLI #2

25. PPCLI #1

24. Strong Kaboose: Melissa Zapiola, Mark Szepes, Marco Omiciuolo

23. Cyclops: Alex Ianchici, Kim Tsang, Brandon McCaig

22. Rambo’s Warriors: Enrico Mario Saunders, Morenda, Alex Alami

21. The Muscle League: Kathryn Franklin, Darren Kressak, Arthur Gooch

20. Semi: Connor Cruise, Sharan D-Wal, Mike English

19. The Kids: Steven Michaud, Matt Bianchini, Nicole Evans

18. Driftwood #2: Patrick Bartoshyk, Kathleen Hortelano, Philip Torillo

17. Studeo: Adam Rennie, Alnoor Mawji, Karissa Rennie

16. Rocky Point: Troy Benoit, Janelle Brine, Marc Edgett

15. Team Abbotsford: Nick Gonte, Shane McAleese, Concetta D’Amato

14. CFNW Team Pandas: Richard Basford, Adam Till, Grace Cheung

13. CFK Wolfpack: Tak Hasegawa, Jishan Sharples, Sara Marlowe

12. #beatpoker: Marco Citton, Mike Dahlman, Kelly Hansen

11. Best Served Bold: Fernando Mata-Piche, Scott Michael Rose, Rhea Borkowicz-Stewart

10. 2 and a Half Manda Huggenkiss: Mike McCorkell, John Beckham, Amanda Merrison

9. Let’s Get Weird: Dan Wales, Nick Rizopoulos, Chlesea Fredheim

8. Rocky Point Rockstars: Jordan Haddad, Sean Simpson, Deanna Schaper-Kotter

7. Driftwood: Aryn Bartoshyk, Hector Hortelano, Nathan Morris

6. Off Constantly: Theron White, Jimmy Vine, Katie Nadorozny

AND YOUR TOP 5 TEAMS—the ones we expect to be battling in the Nutts final for the Cup…

5. Xtreme Fitness Club: Alana Shaw, Dave Poettcker, Sean Ang

Strengths: Show Pony Alana is a show pony no more! This girl is a serious athlete and has a 245 lb. front squat—not to mention handstand push-ups to rival the best of them—to prove it. Meanwhile, Sean is as steady as it gets and never gets rattled in competition.

Weaknesses: As they say, your greatest strength is sometimes your greatest weakness: Both Alana and Sean are so poised and calm, they may forget to up the intensity on competition day. While Poker of the past might have been enough to combat their mellowness, even he has simmered down in recent years. He may need to resort to the old days of chugging NOEXPLODE to get his team going.


4. North Van: Alex Schaalo, Matt Ciolfi, Nick Jacklin

Strengths: This team has competed together in multiple local competitions, and even at CrossFit Regional competitions. They know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, know when to push and when to hold back. It should also be mentioned that both Nick and Matt have recently upped their training game and are legitimate forces reckoned with—at ANY CrossFit competition.

Weaknesses: Apparently Alex hasn’t worked out in 6 weeks (Although Blonyx Beta-Alanine might be all she needs to get through the weekend)

Nutts Cup 2014

3. Almost Elite: Natalie Duronio, Connor Vale, Terrence Limbert

Strengths: Watch out for this team on the ladder event: Both Vale and Limbert are proven Olympic weightlifters (check out their scores (3rd and 8th) compared to Kurt Baker and Robbie Perovich’s (13th and 27th) scores on the 2016 West Regional snatch ladder event). And rumour has it Duronio is coming off a big snatch PR earlier this week.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 6.56.22 PM

Weaknesses: Limbert is so serious at competitions, it looks like he’s preparing to lift at the Olympic Games. Might stress Duronio out.

2. The Nobodys: Delaina Snider, Robbie Perovich, Nate Beveridge

Strengths: You can expect these three to work well together as two of them—Perovich and Snider—are identical twins.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 6.58.40 PM

Blood is thicker than water…

Weaknesses: Might be too old.

1. Surrey Girls: Brittany Brown , Joe Scali, Kurt Baker

Strengths: What can Brown do for you?


Weaknesses: It’s unclear how much Baker was able to workout in recent months, as his time was dominated with his commitment to the filming of the Bachelor in Paradise, which is now airing on Monday and Tuesday nights (He went by Daniel on the show).

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 6.37.54 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-17 at 6.50.59 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-17 at 6.41.36 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-08 at 9.34.19 PM




NUTTS CUP 2016 – Schedule 

7 a.m. – Athlete Registration opens (7:00 until 7:50 a.m.): Please show up with your entire team as you all need to sign waivers

8 a.m. – Athlete Briefing (Mandatory for all athletes)

8:40 a.m. – National Anthem: The lovely Caitlin Beaupre

9:00 – Event #1 Begins

10:00 a.m. – Event #2 Begins

11 a.m. – Bar Opens!

11:30 a.m. – Lunch Begins (beef/pork/salads/coleslaw)

Noon – Event #3 Begins

1:50 p.m. – Event #4 Begins

4:15 p.m. — A brief Patty speech, prayer, Moment of Silence and last post to honour Andy Nutts, immediately followed by the Nutts Final Workout (4:30 p.m.) for the top 5 teams!

15 minutes after the final event finishes: Awards!

5:15 p.m. – After party begins!

9pm: (Or whenever Patty gets drunk enough and deems it’s time: Dude Award is presented)

10 a.m. Sunday—Life returns to normal with the 10 a.m. class with the Chest




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Words from Patty:

Every year at Nutts Cup, we honour our friend and comrade Andy Nutts by selecting a member of the community who most exemplifies his strength of character.

Andy was a beauty, and probably the most unique person I have ever met.  He was open-hearted and a giving person, always helping others, always staying late to clean up, paint or help a newbie with a difficult new skill.

andy nutts

Having said that, Andy was not a ‘nice’ person in the way that all too often people who are labelled ‘nice’ are either soft, weak or fake.  He was a strong dude and spoke his mind when shit didn’t sit right with him.

He was in trouble lots, especially in his first year in the military (he got in trouble for speaking out).

He was also cool as hell, and FUNNY!  He would take one for the team, get in a fight for you, help the slow kid in class, get pissed drunk at the parties and pick up the pretty girl (or ugly; it didn’t matter that much to Andy) then bike to work in the rain to teach the 6am class.   HE WAS A DUDE!!!


Previous winners include:

2015: Cory ‘Bieber’ Jenkins

2014: Audrey ‘Squad’ Patterson

2013: The Pup (such a dude nobody even knows his real name)

2012: Charlie ‘CFP’ Palmer

2011: Bradleah ‘Pinky’ Dahlman


The Dude Award! Nomination time!



The beauty of Nutts Cup is that we attract such a diverse range of teams. I’m torn because there is a part of me that loves the true competitive aspect of local competitions. The other half of me also loves seeing people step out of their comfort zone and take part in their first workout on a competition floor.

My first competition was an individual event that was raising money for Somalia: We had to do double-unders, which at the time I could barely do. We had to do thrusters and burpees, followed by a 400m plate carry. It was so awful and so fun at the same time. I found some old pictures, and man, did I ever look like a tool.

Having a diverse group of teams creates for an interesting dynamic when it comes to programming the events. They need to be challenging enough for the veterans, while also fun and manageable for the first timers. They need to be exciting enough for the crowd and complex enough to promote teamwork and strategy. They also need to blend well together. Looking at one event through a microscope is a recipe for disaster. It is super critical to remember each event must compliment the one previous or the one coming up.

Below are two events from this years Nutts Cup Tournament.

For those of you competing, I hope to see one team score over 175 on the Ladder event.

For those of who are not competing this year, I hope to see you there in any capacity possible on August 20th, with the hope of perhaps seeing you on the floor in 2017.


For the first time ever, we’re introducing a new award at Nutts Cup: For the TOP ALL MADLAB TEAM!

Let’s meet two of them:


THE VETERANS: Team Dashie, Lumber and Marco

Strengths: Together, these three have 25 years of experience training with us! All three of them are on the wall of respect, with Marco coming up on on his 10-year anniversary. Further, Dashie is looking as fit as she ever has, thanks to her diligently following the challenging DP program in recent months.


Dashie has even improved her sit-ups!

Weaknesses: Part of Marco’s secret to longevity means he never goes balls out. One-speed Marco is competent, but unless he’s willing to dig a little deeper, these veterans could run into trouble. On the flipside, Lumber is willing to DIE for reps; while useful, this also makes him susceptible to the old fly-and-die.

marco and lumber

Marco and Lumber tasted victory in the last MadLab tournament. Will this make them more or less hungry come Nutts Cup?

THE CHALLENGERS: Team Poker, Alana and Sean

Strengths: Show Pony Alana is a show pony no more! This girl is a serious athlete and has a 245 lb. front squat—not to mention handstand push-ups to rival the best of them—to prove it. Meanwhile, Sean is as steady as it gets and never gets rattled in competition.


Not even this ugly pooch can rattle Sean

Weaknesses: As they say, your greatest strength is sometimes your greatest weakness: Both Alana and Sean are so poised and calm, they may forget to up the intensity on competition day. While Poker of the past might have been enough to combat their mellowness, even he has simmered down in recent years. He may need to resort to the old days of chugging NOEXPLODE to get his team going.


This team also has the added dimension of LOVE. Will this help or hurt?



Although there’s a Cup on the line at Nutts Cup—meaning competition gets fierce—it’s important that we remember to keep the fun alive. It’s how Andy Nutts lived his life.

What better way to do this than to dress up in all sorts of crazy attire.

There will be a prize for the best costume!

Let’s take a look back at some of the gems from Nutts Cup years’ past…

(FYI – it’s not too late to register a team. There are 7 (2 man, 1 woman) team spots left! Register here!_)

nutts costume nutts costume 2 nutts cup 3nutts cup costume 4


Remembrance Day Schedule and More...

The 7th Annual Memorial Nutts Cup—in honour of Lt. Andrew Nuttall—is coming up on Saturday, August 20th.

One of the most special aspects of Nutts Cup is that it has, and always will, be an inclusive competition.

So whether you have an elite level fitness, or you’re new to the sport, don’t hesitate to put together a team. In other words, don’t let not being able to do a movement like a muscle-up or handstand push-up deter you. All levels are welcome!

Registration opens Sunday, June 5th. Entry fee is $360 per team.

There will be 30 team spots available. Each team will consist of two men and one woman, who will fight for the Cup, bragging rights and cash prizes (for the top 3 teams).

The BEST COSTUME will also receive a cash prize. Andy Nutts was all about living life to its fullest. The more your costume reflects this, the better chance you have of winning!

All teams will be guaranteed 4 workouts, and the top 5 teams will get the chance to compete in the ‘Nutts’ final workout.

Check the Facebook event page for more details as the event approaches. Nutts Cup 2016

Funds raised during the days events will benefit the Lt Andrew Nuttall, Youth at Risk Foundation (LANYAR) and the Youth Warrior program at MadLab School of Fitness.