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WHY should you come to Nutts Cup - It is a very special day at MadLab 

Patty Explains Below


Its been 10 years since my friend Andy died.  I miss him a lot.  I think about him often, but not nearly as much as I used to.

However I find myself thinking about his sacrifice and what it all means more often than before. Maybe that is part of the grieving process.  His death doesn't hurt as much as before and maybe that allows me to think more analytically and clear headed about what he actually did with his life.

This also brings up the real fear that he will one day be forgotten.  First by people who didn't know him, and then by his friends and family as we pass from this earth.

So why should you come to Nutts cup?   To remember and pay respect is the easy answer, but it also to pay witness to something extraordinary.

When Andy first came to us he was confused about what he wanted to do with his life and his direction was "scattered".  Some where along the line he became very focused -- "locked in" as you would say -- on what his life mission was going to be.  

He was going to take on the most dangerous job on the planet at that time; he was going to be an infantry officer leading a platoon into combat in Afghanistan.  He was very vocal in saying that the training he got from us was instrumental in developing that clarity of focus.  I am not sure how much credit we can take for that, but it certainly didn't hurt.

So sometimes at night I sit up and think of what he actually did.  He did exactly what he said he was going to do.

He trained religiously for 2 years or more with us, he enlisted into the army, excelled, became a Lieutenant in the PPCLI, and led a platoon of men in combat. 

Andy led from the front and was killed in action protecting his men.

I don't know about you but that is a hell of a thing to do.  I wonder how he came up with the courage to do all that??

And for what?  At the time he said it was to help the Afghani people, and I truly believe that.  By all accounts he showed that whole heartedly in the field. Maybe too much so?

So what does this all mean to us? 

1) What he did and who he was was extraordinary.  He was beautiful and our community and the training you do as a part of this community helped shape the warrior he became. The training we do and the community we have built together is pretty damn special.  I encourage you to pass this along to your friends, family, and co-workers -- if they engage in this training it will improve their lives as well as your own.    Bring them to Nutts cup and have them see for themselves.   

2) Men (and Women) going off to war to defend and die for the freedoms that we enjoy under the constitution of our country is a fundamental underpinning of our entire society.  If we neglect these people and fail to honour their sacrifices our entire way of life will eventually be threatened.  

3) It is for a very good cause.  We train youth through the Brittania society.  This training helped turn Andy into a warrior and it also helps youth become successful in life and become good adults in the future.  Feel free to give a few bucks to this cause if you are so inclined.  The kids will appreciate your generosity. 

So in short; you don't need to have known Andy for you to celebrate his life and honour the supreme sacrifice he made for you, and for all of us.  

I am looking forward to a great day.  I hope to see you there.




Saturday August 10th 
Workouts Start
11am Food and Lounge Area Opens (Goes all Day) BRING CASH
(This year we are doing the first ever Wiener Bar!)
1.30pm Prizegiving
Dude Announced

There are still spots open for teams! Remember you can participate if you can do the movements in classes email Tom to register NOW! ( 
Entry Fee is by Donation

If you can volunteer please reach out to the coaches:
Food (Em/Tbear) 
Equipment (Andy) 
Judging (Tom)