The 6th Annual competition held in honour of Lt. Andrew ‘Nutts’ Nuttall who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2009.
Teams of 3 will compete throughout the day in order to celebrate community, fitness, excellence, fun, and making a difference in the world around them. Teams making it to the final round will compete for the glory of winning the Nutts Cup, in addition to prize money and swag.

Funds raised during the days events will benefit the Lt Andrew Nuttall, Youth at Risk Foundation (LANYAR) and the Youth Warrior program at MadLab School of Fitness.


1). Nutts Cup Schedule

Athlete Registration: 7:00-7:45 am

Event Briefing: 7:45-8:15 am

Opening Remarks: 8:25-8:40 am

Event #1 starts at 9 am

Heat Schedule for all teams:

Event 1 “Hustle and Flow”

Event 2 – O Lifting Ladder 

Event 3 “The Equalizer” 

Event 4 “Licking Batteries”  – Event TBA

Event 5  Nutts Final – 4 pm -Details TBA



Words from Patty:

The turn out for nominating and early voting for our 2015 Andy Nutts DUDE AWARD has been impressive. Thank you for truly caring about Andy’s legacy and the fellow members of our community.

It’s a small moment of your time, but it shows you care and it means a lot to me, his friends, his fellow soldiers and his family for you to honour his sacrifice for our country.  Let us never forget.

The Dude Award is given to someone who exemplifies what Andy Nutts stood for:  He was a Dude and it’s a great honour to win the Dude Award.  I think this post from our Crossfit affiliate site a while back explains it best.

While watching the nominations come pouring in this year, I noticed something very strange. I thought to myself, “Holy fuck, I don’t believe this shit” and remembered back to a farcical post about why some in our community would never win the award.  I didn’t believe it, and yet there they were: many, many nominations for one person who got slagged hard last year.  Here is an excerpt from that post:  

“These people have no hope of ever becoming the dude:

T-Bear: Sleepy time at 11 p.m, usually while still at the party or sometimes even at a restaurant.

Eunice: Doesn’t know how to inhale.

Dash: Too much like your Old Aunt Ruth. You can only call so many people a C@%t to their face before you are disqualified.

Sack: Only gets laid once a generation.

Sheppy: Whiny, pouty bitch.

CJ: Too many kids/ Mumbling speech issues.

Read the full post here. 

If you are wondering they are? Lets look at this list and update to August 2015.  You can throw out two easy ones right off the top:  Tbear and Eunice have never received a nomination in five years, and still have not up until the time of writing this post.  No surprises here, those weaknesses don’t ever change.  No dude for you.

CJ? No chance.  He has even more kids now I think, added a wife and still mumbles.  He is a hell of a massage therapist, but Nutts don’t go for that shit.

Sack: he actually got a couple pity nominations this year, but persistent issues linger with no effort to improve or correct.

Sheppy:  Actually got a few votes, which was impressive, but far from the earthquake shattering, world spinning out of control madness I was witnessing on survey monkey before my eyes.  Sheppy getting a few nominations made sense to me actually.  He is less bitchy, still a bit pouty, but the whining is way down.  Nice work.

What I was watching, though, blew my perception of the world away, and made me tear up a little.

But before we get to that, I was going to do another write up on a few of our other coaches and why they would never win the Dude Award, but then nominations came in for both Tom and Kermit.

Glum and Glummer…..for the fucking Dude award?  Who did that…….Have you lost your minds?

What has happened to this community?  Shameful behavior.  Next thing you know Clyde will be strutting up on stage to collect the “Silver balls.”

I get it, you want to help Tom Beers and Kermitron out, you love em and all, but for fuck sakes get ahold of yourselves.  Have some balls and tell those two nerds to smile.  Just walk up to them when they are making those weird ass faces and say point blank, “Stop hurting me.  It hurts when I look at you.”

Anyway, sanity prevailed and they didn’t get enough “good guy, works hard, smart, honest votes” from y’all.

Moving on:

Here are our three finalists for the 2015 Nutts cup DUDE AWARD!!!!!!

The Dash Hound!!!


By now you guessed it.  The little rat catcher has come a long way in our community since waddling in with a Lululemon employee group 5 years ago.  She called me a C@nt straight up first night I met her.  Our love is complicated.

She started off as a client, fell in love with Tbear of all things, quit lulu and became my personal assistant as a stop gap for a while, eventually joined jump gymnastics, hated that pretty quickly and came back on to help me run the gym while I started Madlab group.  She became my XO and first hire for Madlab group. For a long time, it was just me and her hustling to find gyms who would be willing to try our shit. She became the GM of the school last year and has become the heart and soul of our community.

Without her we would fly off into all corners with the wind.  In short, we would be fucked.  She cares about each person in the place, labors over their happiness with a brooding, gnawing intensity all the while organizing everyone, driving the coaches, content and community in the right direction.

To be able to do this with a smile on your face, and be pleasant to be around is difficult and may be even more difficult for someone who cares as much as The hound when shit goes wrong.  While she craves perfection, order and punctuality, to get nominated as the dude would require the fun, feel good Dashie that we know and love, but didn’t always see in the past.

It is not an easy balance, but it appears she is figuring out and makes me feel sure our community is in good hands.

Room for improvement: Can still be a bit of a Bitch on overload days.

Less busy work = Less Stress = More Creative work = More Love

Emelio Chestevez

chest 5

The Susan Lucci of the Dude Award, the Chest holds firm with a slew of nominations in 2015.  I don’t see why not?


Gets chicks

Will help a dude out


Perserverance –Dog on a bone

He might not be quite as naturally cool and relaxed as Andy Nutts was………But then again, few were.

Room for improvement:  Reality based, calm, two way conversations

Corey “Bieber” Jenkins


He has always been an absolute blast to be around, a great guy, a great friend and an eccentric with a giving soul.  But above all he can tell a fucking story!!!

After a great day of surfing a few years back at Lumber and Pinky’s wedding in Mexico, we found this awesome unique bar out in the middle of the desert on the east cape.  After enjoying a few Zac’s pina Colada’s, talk turned to sexual horror stories.

It was just one of those giddy days. After a few amateurish stories went around, I pulled out my classic tried and true “suction sperm mounted belly blaster” figuring that would one up everyone present. But Bieber would have none of it. “The Lebanese Skull Duster” is unbeatable.  Funniest story I have ever heard, hardest I have laughed before or since.

He has the underdog vote, and comeback player of the year in his pocket after losing his brother in a tragic accident. Great to see it hasn’t kept you down brother.

This vote confirms that you are one strong dude. Respect!

Room for improvement: I agree with Mini-pussy.  The earlobes weird me out a little.




August 27th Update – Event Announcement #3: Event #1

1). Event #1

For time:

1500m row buy-in (Broken into 600 m, 500 m, 400 m, with each person rowing one leg)


2 rounds as a team, broken up however you want of:

60 kb swings 72/55 lb.

30 burpee to double plate

15 ring muscle ups

2). Event #4: TBA the morning of Nutts Cup!

3). Nutts Final: Top 5 teams after the first 4 events will make the Nutts Final. WINNER TAKES ALL this year. No chase the rabbit. All teams will start at the same time, and the winner of the Nutts Final WINS THE CUP!

August 26th Update – Why wouldn’t you Come?

Similar to David Letterman’s Top 10 Lists… Here is your MadLab coaches and apprentices’ Top 10 Reasons to Attend Nutts Cup:

10.  The Social Aspect ‘In case you don’t want to shit where you eat.’…’You might meet the love of your life.’  ~Eunice
9.  Chesty on the Mic
8.  Spectrum of Athletic Abilities aka “Bum Watching”
7.  Vendors & Food
6.  Lemonade & the Garden “Get Drunk”
5.  50/50 Draw
4.  Cheer on your friends
3.  After Party & The Dude Award
2.  Honour & Remember Andy
1.  Why the F@CK wouldn’t you come?

We have quite the day planned for this Saturday. Come, bring your friends, bring your kids, and cheer on some amazing athletes, some newbies, some Canadian soldiers, and some of our very own MadLab Youth Warriors as they compete for the Cup.

Vendors and Sponsors include:
Raymond James – Title sponsor of the ‘Garden’
MadLab Business Group – T-shirt and event sponsor
MadLab School of Fitness – event sponsor
Virus International – athlete prizes
Caveman Grocer – athlete prizes
Origin Athletics – athlete prizes
RYU Apparel – athlete prizes
Trace Blackwater – blackwater samples
Kyani Science
Darkhorse Untamed – ‘Dark Horse come from behind’ team prize
Howe Sound Brewery – cold beer service system
Ingrid Chiang – BEER

The forecast is for mixed sun and showers, but don’t worry, we will have covered areas to chill and to cheer. The event schedule will be released this week, but here are a few highlights:

8:30am – Opening Ceremonies & Oh Canada
9am – 10am – 1st Event
10:30am-12pm – 2nd Event
12:15pm-1:45pm – 3rd Event
2pm-3:15pm – 4th Event
3:30pm-4pm – Speeches, Prayer, the Last Post, a Moment of Silence, Revielle, and 3,2,1 GO
4:10pm-4:30pm – Final NUTTS Event (top 5 teams only)
5:30pm – Closing remarks, Prizes, etc
6pm-late – After Party & BBQ

Who is gonna take home the Nutts Cup this year?

August 25th Update: – RANKINGS!

1. Team Truffle Butter: Reilly McMorris, Brittany Brown, Kurt Baker
2. Super Friends: Josh Chavarria, Robbie Perovich, Delaina Snider
3. Two Wolfs and a Beer: Connor Vale, Emily Beers, Fynn Mulligan
4. CFNV Black: Matt Ciolfi, Nick Jacklin, Alex Schaalo
5. Vicious and Delicious: Abe De Ramos, Noah McLeod, Natalie Duronio
6. Old and Cold: Nick Wood, Jeff Metcalfe, Aimee Weibe
7. Studeo55 Blonde Oreo: Theron White, Jacquie Block-Glass, Cameron MacDougall
8. Studeo 55: Katie Nodorozny, Jason Noel, Bobby Danga
9. Look at the Size of My Poods: Stacey Bevan, Chris Burshtynski, Tim Dickson
10. Beauty and the Beasts: Simon Damborg, Aryn Bartoshyk, Bryce Hafso
11. Jesus, Mary and Marco: Cam Mather, Meagan McGuinness, Marco Citton
12. Old Man Strength: Mike Dahlman, Dan Fontaine, Caroline Fontaine
13. Overdrive Nitro: Grace Cheung, David Kuch, Lucas Tinney
14. Taranis Thunder: Jack Hutchinson, Sam Dewett, Marie Eve Gagne
15. The Real Housewives of CFK: Jishan Sharples, Sara Marlowe, Tak Hasegawa
16. CF Abbotsford: Dan Tambosso, Concetta D’Amatto, Alicia Hurley
17. Safety First: Alex Alami, Emily Taverna, Alex Fallah
18. Rocky Point: Sean Simpson, Jordan Haddad, Deanna Schaper-Kotter
19. Team Clang and Bang: Dan Wales, Mal Row, Katie Weisberger
20. “Thruster?” We Barely Know Her: Kyle Allan, Matt Grassi, Jessica Coulter
21. The Human Beings: Nathalie Maurer, Darren Kresak, Amy Summers
22. PPCLI #1 Recon Rough Necks: Rhea Borkowicz-Stewart, Erin McDermott, Justin LaCount
23. Royal Westminster Regiment Westies: Cpl Clayton Smith, Cpl Alain Voila, Sgt Eric Skrebsky
24. Smuckers: Alex Ianchichi Joey Alexis, Jeanette Jackson
25. PPCLI #2 Sweet Boner: Kathryn Franklin, Will McIntyre, Daniel Emerson
26. 4 KBs and a Snatch: Gerry Curle Jennine Stockall, Justin
27. EZ Warriors: Elaina Zebroff,Enrico Saunders, Morenda Issac-Baron
28. Blissfully Ignorant: Wayne Adare, Caron Adderly, Alan Otnad

Unranked (Incomplete team. Send us your two other team members please)

– CF Ludus: Anthony Zelen  and ? and ?

– CrossFit Maple Ridge: Lisa Respondek, Nick Vabderbelb and ?

* If you need to make a last minute substitute, please e-mail or (or if I mis-spelled your name

August 24th Update:

Every year, we honour our friend and comrade Andy Nutts by selecting a member of the community who most exemplifies his strength of character.

Andy was a beauty, and probably the most unique person I have ever met.  He was an open-hearted and giving person, always helping others, always staying late to clean up, paint or help someone out.

Having said that, Andy was not a “nice” person in the way that all too often people who are labelled “nice” are either soft, weak or fake.  He was a strong dude and spoke his mind when shit didn’t sit right with him.  He was in trouble lots, especially in his first year in the military (he got in trouble for speaking out).

He was also cool as hell, and FUNNY!  He would take one for the team, get in a fight for you, help the slow kid in class, get pissed drunk at the parties and pick up the pretty girl (or not so pretty, it didn’t matter that much to Andy) then bike to work in the rain to teach the 6 am class.


So we have a request for you.  Every one of you! Nominate someone from our community who best personifies “The Dude”.

Fill out this one question Survey Monkey. Should take 13-15 seconds max.

Previous Dude Award Winners Include:

2011 Dude: Pinky (Bradleah Dahlman)
2012 Dude: Charlie Palmer
2013 Dude: The Pup
2014 Dude:  Aud Squad

As you can see,  our first winner of this award was Pinky, and last year was Audrey, so feel free to nominate from either gender.  Past winners are also eligible.

“Dude looks like a lady.”

From there we’ll make a shortlist, and have a final round of voting.

– Patty

August 19th Update:

Nutts Cup 2015 Workout Announcement #2: Event #3

20 rope climbs followed by 60 pistols

Then, each person must complete on his/her own, one at a time:

20 Reverse Front Rack Lunges followed by 20 Shoulder to Overhead (125 lb./75 lb.)

August 13th Update:

Nutts Cup 2015 Workout Announcement #1

Nutts Cup Event 2:

Team Sprint Ladder

For time:

20 Cleans (65 lb.)

20 Snatch (65 lb.)

15 Cleans (95 lb.)

15 Snatch (95 lb.)

10 Cleans (135 lb.)

10 Snatch (135 lb.)

5 Clean (175 lb.)

5 Snatch (175 lb.)

*Partition the work among your three athletes as you wish

4 Barbells per team

More details and movement standards will be given on game day.