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Nutts Cup Registration is HERE

First 40 teams to pay the $135 fee and submit a registration form are in. 100% of the entry fees go toward prize money! $3000 for the winning team. Please fill out the registration form below and email it to It will honestly take you one minute, so do it right away. You aren't considered registered until you pay via the paypal link below and submit the registration info.
Registration Form
If you don't know all of your team members yet, please fill out what you can and get me the rest when your line-up is finalized. Teams don't have to be made up of three athletes from the same affiliate. WE ARE SOLD OUT FOR NUTTS CUP!!! WOHOO BRING IT ON! Thursday: Tech: Squat Clean and thruster - go as heavy as you can for a single rep. Do some heavy sets of fives and threes before you work your way up to a max. WOD: Complete 100 Thrusters (95/65 lbs) *** But there's a catch: After the first minute of thrusters, at the top of each minute, do five burpees. Try to bust out as many thrusters as you can in the first minute before the burpees start slowing you down. Don't be a hero. This is a tough workout. Scaling will be necessary for most people. Scale the weight, or scale the amount of thrusters. IF YOU CAN'T DO 2o THRUSTER IN A ROW, then you're going to want to scale the weight. I want everyone done in 15 minutes. - Eunice