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Nutts Cup Rocks CrossFit Vancouver!!

The first annual "Nutts Cup" was a huge success. It was amazing to have everyone and their friends working out and enjoying a great day of camaraderie and remembrance. Congratulations to Garth Prouse and Emily Beers for winning the individual "Nutts" Hero WOD. No two ways about it. That is a tough workout. Can't wait to hit it next year. Got to practice those double unders. The party was hillarious. Andy Nutts would of absolutely loved having all those single peeps in the house. It was an all around totally awesome day for our community. We are wealthy people. I'd like to give out a special thanks to all those who dedicated and volunteered their time and love to make this special day come to fruition. You know who you are. Please go see Charlie F Palmer for a pat on the bum. Monday's Workout: You have 50 minutes to complete the following: Max Barbell Turkish Get Up (Start at the bottom - Go up and down on the same side - Must do this for both sides) Max Thruster (1 rep) Max Power Clean (1 rep) Leaderboard score will be the total weight lifted from all three exercises. Check out this 135 lb Turkish Get Up! Love Shep