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Nutts Cup Team profile: Team Leap Frog

This team boasts some serious credentials: Two of their members have competed at CrossFit Games competitions (Tiny Dancer in 2011 and Kermit in 2009). *Note the use of the nickname Tiny Dancer, as opposed to the more commonly used Afghan. "I don't know if I like this 'Aghan' stuff" is what Dan's visibly offended mom said when she read about her son's nickname. Mothers far and wide - all they've have ever done is love us unconditionally, so I have to respect Dan's mother's wish. Your son will now be known as Tiny Dancer to me, and as The Private Dancer to Bradleah. And last but not least is Chris Le Bihan, who happens to be a 2010 Olympic Bobsleigh Bronze medalist. He might also challenge Pete Kendrick for the Best Looking award. Let's take a look at this team's strengths: 3. Any event involving an ice track and a sled 2. An Ironman event (His original nickname was Dan the Ironman, after all) 1. In all seriousness, this team's biggest strength just might be their desire to compete. Like Sheppy says, I've never met someone who is more excited about CrossFit than Dan. He was certainly our team member who was the most stoked to compete at the Games in LA this summer. And the fire I saw Kermit put forth at Regionals (namely her tenacity getting through multiple near bodyweight snatches during the Amanda event) is a fire I've only witnessed a couple times in my life. As for Chris, he hasn't won any Olympic medals in a solid year and a half, so I'm sure he'll be itching to end his dry spell. Warm up: reverse tabata L-sits Tech: split jerk (3,3,3,3,3) workout: complete 3 rounds of, 400m run 21 kettle bell swing (red/black) 15 box jumps (20/24) 9 H-S-P-U