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  Nutts Cup TEAM RANKINGS are in!!  Here's a pdf with the complete ranking of all 28 teams and team pictures: Team Rankings  And here's a sneak peak at the top 5 ranked teams: 1. Control, Alt, Delete: Andrew ‘Sack’ Swartz, Joy Nguyen, Max Gagne  Strengths: Andy boasts a 220-pound squat snatch, while Max can do 240 pounds plus. My guess is nobody will touch them in the first WOD, and they’ll do more than hold their own on the AMRAP muscle up WOD. If they have the lead going into the third event, it will be hard for any team to make up 30 seconds on these guys, especially considering Joy is the Skipping Champion of the World. Weaknesses: Andy isn’t getting any younger; he  just turned 36. And he was caught icing his knee this morning. Possible shortage in team charisma, as well.   2. Sofa Kings: Ashleigh ‘Mighty Moe’ Moe, Noah Pester, Ryan Swobody Strengths: With two 2011 individual Games competitors on this team, you can bet they’ll have few to no weaknesses. Their strength is ‘cardio, cardio, cardio,’ so even if they don’t enter the final WOD in first place, watch for them to show off their metabolic stamina in the final ‘Chase the Rabbit Nutts Hero WOD.’ Weaknesses: They’re used to dominating, so who knows how they’ll handle coming from behind if they don’t win the first WOD. 3. The Nutt Crackers: Garth Prouse, Pete ‘Mr. Beautiful’ Kendrick, Ainslie Kehler  Strengths: I don’t think 2010 individual Games competitor Garth Prouse feels pain when he works out. He seems to get faster as the time domains increase. He absolutely crushed the Nuts Hero WOD as an individual last year, proving that it’s possible to make up a ton of ground in the final three movements (Wall Balls, Double Unders, Plate Run). Pete K and Ainslie are also experienced CrossFitters without any visible holes.  Weaknesses: This team is your classic ‘Recruit Ringers All-Star Team,’ and Ringer teams usually don’t have chemistry. 4. The Kipping Squats: Darren ‘All Show, No Go’ Carrido, Anne ‘Anniemal’ Austad, Jared ‘Drexel Kwan’ Huyett  Strengths: Both of this team’s men placed in the top 20 in their region during the Open Competition this year, while Anne was 9th on the women’s side. We don’t know too many other specifics about these athletes, but those results speak for themselves. This team will contend.  Weaknesses: Darren’s nickname - All Show, No Go - must be based on something true. 5.  Team Dark Horse: Emily ‘Eunice’ Beers, Lars ‘CrossFit Insider’ Konge, Isaac Payne  Strengths: They have some serious brute strength in Isaac Payne and Eunice. At the B.C. Sectional competition last year, Payne gained a name for himself when he crushed a 600 plus pound deadlift on his way to a 1660 pound Football total, winning that event by 195 pounds. This team also has three completely different genetic pools and skin types to draw from here. This may help them. Weaknesses: Patty’s take: “This team’s weakness is just simply Lars.” Full list of rankings here: Team Rankings