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Nutts Cup workouts announced!!!

If you have been hovering and debating wondering whether to find a partner and sign up for Nutts Cup, but the fear of not being able to do all the movements has been holding you back, fear no more.

Here are the NUTTS Cup workouts, readily available for all of you to do.

Event 1 notes: teams share work anyway they like - only one person working at a time - must complete as written


Event 2 notes: must trade each allotted number of reps - no rack - change weights during 30s rest

Event 3 notes: partner 1 complete 500m row, then partner 2 completes 500m row, parter 1 completes push press, then partner 2 completes push press and so on....

After these three events, there will be one final event for the top 3 teams only. The rest of you will get to indulge in smokies with all the toppings and chug a beverage or five.

And then....

A surprise something that Tom has yet to reveal! 

See? Nothing to fear (if you're not in the top 3 at least). If you're thinking of competing talk to your coach to see if it's a good idea for you, and then find yourself a partner!