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Nutts Final Standings

WOD #3: "Nutts" - Final Ranking Final Ranking 1st place Control, Alt, Delete (0:13:22) 2nd place Sofa Kings Awesomes (0:14:27) 3rd place The Kipping Squats (0:14:04) 4th place Team Dark Horse (0:14:23) 5th place The Nutt Crackers (0:14:08) 6th place Team Hybrid 7th place Team 8 (0:16:08) 8th place Team Leap Frog (0:16:45) 9th place Studio 55 10th place Crossfit Westside Ballet 11th place The Party Rockers 12th place Team Weiner Dogs 13th place The Baby, the Cube and the Crotch 14th place Crossfit Kitsilano 15th place Straight outta Wessside 16th place The Girl with a pair of Nutts 17th place Multiple Sorgasms 18th place Under the Bus 19th place Shhnnnyyaaa 20th place Team Ramrod 21st place Blood, Sweat and Beers 22nd place No Tone and Co 23rd place Balls Out 24th place Crossfit Renegade 25th place 8pm Love Crew 26th place Westies #1 27th place Westies #2 28th place Team Last Minute