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October 24th and 25th

image Jeff Tucker and his crew will be in town to host this CrossFit Certification at Crossfit Vancouver. He'll help us expand the use of gymnastic skills and drills for those wanting to obtain proper form and use of gymnastics elements in CrossFit training. He's going to cover everything we do and much more from angles we only hope to get into if we had a little more flexibility. Tucker has 20 plus years of gymnastic experience and will cover the importance of proper spotting, safety and key teaching cues. Apprentice trainers and coaches should sign up now to ensure they make this local CrossFit Event. I know for me it was the most beneficial certification I've ever taken You can register online here: Email "" with any questions or clarifications you need. Wednesday's Workout:
"Third Gone Bad" 5 Rounds - 20 seconds for Reps, 40 seconds Rest - Muscle-Ups - Hand Stand Pushups - Pistols or a lighter variation/progression of: - Jumping Dips - Alternating Dumbell Standing Press (25/40) - Sand Bag or Heavy Bag Squats
You will alternate through each movement and have 20 seconds to rep out as many full length muscle ups followed by HSPU's then Pistols. During the 40 seconds you'll rotate to the next station. Muscle-ups must start in hang with straight arms and feet off ground. Handstand Pushups are done to deck. Pistols are to be done in mid floor. Technique: Muscle-Up Skills and Progressions Use low ring/false grip progressions and jumping dips for those working towards their first muscle up. Those with kipping muscle-ups work on static slow technique to gain some transition muscle in the turn-over. Think rings to chest then rotate over. Have Fun.