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October Paleo Challenge Results

Congratulations to everyone who participated in on the 28 day Paleo Challenge v4.0. Especially to those that really dialed it in and felt their bodies kick the sub-optimal bloating, farting, inflamed, leeky gut infested pre-body ailments and challenges that many of us wade through daily thinking it's just common place as we get older. Hey, everyone in the challenge reported significant performance increases. Good on ya all!! The vast majority of our participating students lost mostly upper back fat then followed with low back and on around to cutting the mid section. All but one seemed to metabolize their subcontanious torso fat over their lower extremities. The legs, by our numbers are the most challenging for this group to burn off those extra millimeters by almost a ratio of 2 to 1. Pot Winners by percent lost of of total pinch thickness (9 areas) Are.... Men, 6 months CrossFit plus; Women, 6 months plus; Rookies (M/F) 6 months or less 1st Andy (26%) 1st Aimee (23%) 1st Jason (19.3%) 2nd CJ (18.9%) 2nd Kermit (15.2%) 2nd Frank (17.4%) 3rd Tim (18.2%) 3rd Easy E (13.9%) 3rd Fred (14%) If you would like your personal pinch results please send Dash an email, and she will email you back with the information which gives you more cool details such as what we saw with Easy E. Easy E's 3rd place 14% loss, figured out this way: - She fully tightened up and got smaller (all her measurements decreased) - Gained approx 7.5lbs of lean mass and took off 6lbs of body fat. All within 1 month on the challenge. Monday Class Tech - Dead Hang Muscle-up’s and cross ankle assists (2,3,4’s) – bias strength and range of motion over the kip. False Grip and Hang, then bend at the knee raising heels behind you, fold one shin over the back of the ankle and have partner assist you by giving you enough lift to go through the motion of a static muscle-up a few times. - Alternating Pistols and the many assists. Try jumping one leg to another Team Wod In teams of 2 (partner w/ similar calibre) complete the following reps between the two of you: 25 Non Kipping Muscle Ups *limited assists 50 Alternating Pistols (25 each leg) * 75 Jumping Squats (45/25lb Plates held overhead) 50 Knees to Elbows * (partner help get that knee above the elbow) 25 Non Kipping Handstand Pushups * *Your partner may give you a limited 1 arm/hand assist if you need it. The limited 1 hand assists count 2 to 1 for reps. Focus on helping your partner just enough so they do 90% of the work and benefit from working right on that edge of their ability sans the kip. Have fun, stagger the start times and practice good partnering and solid technique. Post you and your partners time on the front board with the progressions used. No leaderboard. Tbear