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Old School CrossFit!

Going with the classic CrossFit workout is always a challenge cause you know if it kicked your ass last time, you'll have to shave some time, add some rep or number to that previous score. That feeling of laying on the floor with your head in ahhh, heart beating through chest & sucking for air like a fish out of water is a fix for alot of you! It clears the mind,the rest of life seems not such an effort! That feeling of going into a 3,2,1 count down and knowing you what to progress is quite overwhelming. (when you want to beat you last score, time, ect..) I feel CrossFit is great fitness mentally & physically for those reasons.How can't we deal with life better if we play that sort of game in the workouts we do. A while since this girls been around!! Barbara: image 5 rounds for time 20 pullups 30 pushups 40 situps 50 squats Rest 3 minutes between each round. Coaches review progressions for the front lever as warm up.