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Supporting Our Members in and Out of the Gym - Morgana Wylie

We support you guys, in and outside of the gym.

For some of us the gym is a place to go and practice or play. For some it's an appointment they dare not miss. For some it's simple stress-relief and for others it's their passion. 

Now not all of us are do-or-die as far the gym goes, but we all likely have that one thing that we are passionate and whole hearted about. 

For Morgana, that thing is acting and performing. 

Though she is fairly new to our community, Morgana has a presence about her that is hard to miss.

Come the end of the Month Morgana will be starting in a two-character rendition of David Mamet's, Oleanna. 

"This power house, he-said/she-said saga, is painfully relevant topical exploration of how two people can experience the same events from overwhelmingly different perspectives, and how perception can shape reality."

If you're a fan of theatre of looking to support one of our very own, you can purchase tickets here ( for all shows. 

Hope to see you there. 

Coach Tom