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Olympic Thursday at CrossFit Vancouver

Hope everyone had fun on Wednesday. Some people surprised themselves and others got an ugly dose of reality. Congrats to The Wildabeest for being the only +200 lbs CrossFitter on the board! And how about that Carli? Gutted it out to be the only girl on the board. Smiled the whole time. Crazy to think where she will be in a year. Don't let this workout go to waste. Keep practicing these movements! Thursday's workout is Isabel image 30 Snatches for time Guys 135lbs/Girls 85lbs All snatches must be full squat Not many of us can do full weight (the reason I chose this workout). Scale to your ability but make it challenging. image The snatch is the most nuanced and complicated movement we do at CrossFit. It is a combination of strength, flexibility, speed, power, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. Doing 30 for time will also engage your cardiovascular endurance and stamina. All 10 General Physical skills will be in play tomorrow. Whose got game? image