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One more time… Oly Total

There were a few coaching inconsistencies when we first attempted the Oly Total. This time the rules will be laid out so there is no question about what counts and what doesn't. Also, for those of you who missed it the first time around, here is the chance to make up one of the Super Seven. Warm-up: Burgener snatch warmup Technique: Tall snatch with bar (3,3,3) Workout: OlyTotal Begin with snatch. Take as many warm-up attempts as you desire, but remember not to burn yourself out. You get three attempts to obtain your max and you must declare your first attempt. Your declaration can be to the coach or to one of your fellow CrossFitters as long as you actually say it out loud. If you fail you may attempt the same weight again or you may choose to increase the weight, but you may not drop to a lower weight. After your first attempt you have two attempts remaining. There will be NO practice attempts in between your attempts. You may take rest time in between to consider the weight of your next attempt. After completing your snatch attempts move onto clean and jerk. The same procedure applies for this lift beginning with your initial warm-up. Now, judging the lifts. Here is where it is going to get a little bit tricky. For both the snatch and the clean and jerk there must be a full squat. Preferably you will catch it in a deep squat, but if you catch it in a quarter squat you must go all the way down to a full squat. We are trying to eliminate the ugly and potentially dangerous muscle cleans and snatches. We are also trying to get rid of the press out. In an o-lifting competition any bend of the arm nullifies the lift. I realize we are not all quite of that caliber (yet) but we are striving for the best lifts possible. Therefore, if your arms re-bend and then press out we will consider it a good lift. If you are pressing the weight at forehead level because you did not drop far enough underneath the bar then this will be considered a fail.