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Online Training and Coaching

A hybrid membership is one of the pillars at Madlab School of Fitness.


A hybrid membership consists of a combination of group classes and personal training. 


Though the look and feel of how we are operating these hybrid memberships have changed in the past few weeks the principles remain the same.


Our clients have transitioned to remote programming. This means they have workouts to do at home that consist of many of the movements and exercises they would have been doing if they were in the gym on a regular day.


While our clients continue to make use of our programming on their own, many have taken to participating in live online classes hosted by our professional coaches. These classes allow folks to stay accountable and consistent. This commitment to a specific time has proven to be effective for people as they try to build the motivation and the energy needed to workout in their living rooms.


On top of following the at-home programming, many of our clients are also following along with our cardio and endurance program, and are complementing that with our remote mobility program and prerecorded mobility class.


Some members have elected to take this time to work on specific weaknesses, limitations or injuries and are following custom programming based on their needs.


Regardless of what stream of programming they are following, they are still meeting up with their coaches regularly. Some as often as once a week while others are currently looking ahead to book their next session for a few weeks from now.


Staying in touch, understanding the whys, hows and reasons things are being programmed and how they affect you is critical to long term success in health and fitness. These sessions, though currently done remotely, allow for clients and coaches to spend time addressing individual needs such as goals, exercises, wants, wins and struggles. The trust the client has in the coach and the accountability the coach provides the client is why we are able to retain clients, and why those clients continue to come back year after year.


The landscape of fitness and health has changed for at least the foreseeable future. Our mission at Madlab School of Fitness is to apply the same principles, teach and coach with the same values, and continue to provide opportunities for our clients to be successful inside of the "gym" and outside of it.


Though times may change, values stay the same.