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Opt Training Video - Work Smarter Not Harder

monday was a test of strength and a good chance to generate horsepower... p=w/t. Tuesday's lesson in love will test your body weight to strength ratio, co-ordination , and endurance. for time; 21 bodyweight squats 50 double unders 9 ring dips 15 bodyweight squats 50 double unders 15 ring dips 9 bodyweight squats 50 double unders 21 ring dips Really focus on technique and fundamentals this year and build a strong foundation. Forget about the little asterik by your name on the scoreboard, and don't let ego be what dictates the load on your weaker exercises. progressions- squats, choose a weight that you can maintain proper form. if you cant squat your body weight you need to get stronger, so don't go to light, choose a weight that you can properly squat for 8-10 reps. double unders- i would like every one to really try the double unders [ frustrating for some, but it's the only way to get better at them], if your not gonna "man up", then 3 singles= 1 double under. ring dips- heels on box [ l-sit position] make the depth of those dips 90 degrees and up to lock out. if your not quite there yet, use the squat rack/band for your dips. hit it hard!!!!! check out this interview by opt [definately one of the most well rounded crossfitter's in the world] about training smarter not harder. Pops