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Our Genes Determine Our Optimum Diet

I hope you all enjoyed your pie and sunshine this long weekend. Because it's now time to hit the fall classes, re-establish your performance and health goals and clean up the diet. I don't know about you but those starches, empty caloric beverages, and treats did me in this past weekend. Two themes this week; 1. Maximal Effort Performance and 2. CrossFit Vancouver's Paleo Challenge. Tuesday's Plan Technique: Push Press - 75% x3 x5 (3 sets of 5 Reps at 75% of 1RM) Workout *Coaches can stage the students every 5 minutes as needed. Start with a 750m Row then immediately complete 3 rounds of -12 Deadlift (185/135) -15 Burpees (jump to touch something 12" above standing reach) Post time to the CrossFit Leaderboard Then, as promised, I'll unroll more details on our Paleo Challenge as I'm diligently working my way through a couple of Loren Cordain's books on the Paleo Diet and the Paleo Diet for Athletes. These will turn out to be great reference books for many of you so I encourage you to go pick them up.
The Paleolithic Diet ("Paleo" is a common abbreviation) is based on eating foods that our Paleolithic ancestors ate. The "Paleolithic" refers to the Paleolithic Age, which is a formal time period on Geologic Time Charts from about 2,500,000 years ago to about 10,000 years ago. The premise is that during the Paleolithic, we evolved a specific genome that has only changed 0.01 per cent in these last 10,000 years. However, during this recent time span mass agriculture, grains/grain products, sugars/sugar products, dairy/dairy products, and a plethora of processed foods have all been introduced as a regular part of the human diet. We are not eating the foods we are genetically and physiologically adapted to eat (99.9% of our genetic profile is still Paleolithic); and the discordance is an underlying cause for much of the "diseases of civilization", "syndrome X", obesity, and "diseases of old age" that are so epidemic in our society today. As Dr. Cordain and others' scientific research reveal - the evolutionary, genetic, and clinical evidence point to a natural (i.e., unprocessed foods), omnivorous diet as the healthiest way to eat. Dr. Cordain's research shows that 70% of the average caloric intake of Americans is from foods that did not even exist for our Paleolithic ancestors. This discordance is having tremendously negative health consequences for our society as a whole. Our genes determine our optimum diet, and our genes evolved according to the environments in which our ancient ancestors lived, including the foods they ate. Our Paleolithic ancestors did not eat just one single diet, but rather they ate within a range of natural, unprocessed diets - depending on variables like geography, climate, competition, ecologic niche, season, and glaciations.
I'm going to repost the great little "Paleo in a Nutshell" Video as well for your enjoyment. TBear