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Outside The Box

Have you ever been outside your CrossFit gym training? For example the local community center or perhaps a commercial gym. It was an interesting experience the last time I was away from CrossFit doing a CrossFit workout. I found that many people out there are not aware of this training! However when I was working out in that environment most became curious to find out more about it! What are some of your outside the Box CrossFit training experiences? Now Lets Get to the gymnastics! Warm up: (Coaches choice) or Tabata Russian twist use kettle bells (gray/red) Tech: L-sits (Parallettes & Rings) Handstands Workout: 7 Rounds of 7 box jumps(36/24") 7 clapping push ups 7 back extension 1 rope climb (bring a sock) Finish up with cool down stretch class. Here is a video of Devin (Big Red) Who now runs CrossFit RAW. I think he still has the gym record!!