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Over $2,600 Raised-Next Clinic November 22nd

THANK YOU to everyone who made contributions towards Dan's cause. The Charity Clinic was an overwhelming success and Monday night I had the pleasure of handing over a cheque for $2,600 plus gift cards and other goodies. Next clinic will be a snatch clinic on November 22nd. The first clinic will run from 12-3 and will be breaking down the snatch into its individual components doing drills working on flexibility, coordination, timing and power transfer. The second clinic will then run from 3-5 and will only be open to those who have attended a previous snatch clinic. Here we will be using video analysis and doing some more advanced skill transfer exercises. Cost for each clinic is $50. Register in Advance ( The second clinic will be capped at 10 people so pay in advance if you want to reserve your spot. Machine