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Overhead Squat Gold Standard

Today starts off with a big 1 year Crossfit Anniversary shoutout to Mike Fransblow - so in the words of your coach - "Happy One Year Mike! I didn't think you'd necessarily make it!" If you see this guy today, wish him a happy one year! And head on over to Emily's Blog to see what Mike's coach Emily has to say about him. Today we're going to slow things down a little bit and work the overhead squat. Tuesday Warmup: 21, 15, 9 of Overhead Squats (45/35 lbs.) and Burpees Workout: Take the rest of the class to establish your 15RM Overhead Squat (use racks) Leaderboard is weight completed for all 15 reps. If you attempt but don't complete all 15 reps, you can post the workout as scaled and list the number of reps completed in the notes. (Thanks for pointing this out Lars) The Gold Standard for this is 15 reps at your body weight. I think we have a couple people that can take a shot at this one. Post to comments if you take a run at it and tell us how it went! Check out this old school video of Nicole Carroll, an original Crossfit bad girl and her (several) runs at it. Dan