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Overhead Squats for Reps

I have another original Bear-creation for the Thursday Crew. Overhead Squats and only Overhead Squats. This Movement requires finesse, accuracy, midline stability and guts. If you have the shoulder mobility and lockout strength to keep that bar over your mid foot as you squat your numbers should be close that of your front squat. Now by close, I mean in the arena of 80% or so. Workout Warm-up with the dowel and then plan your attack. Your going to add 4 Weights together for your score. They are: The Max Weight you can Overhead Squat for 21 Continuous Reps Then 15 Then 7 Then 3 You have the hour to complete, when the top of the hour hits your done! Add your four weights together for your score. Plan wisely. If you fail at nine when attempting your 15 Rep Max count it for the 7RM for the time being. Have a decent 4 or 5 minute rest before you max attempts. For example, I predict the Wildebeest and Machine to post the following: 21 of 125lbs__________21 of 115lbs 15 of 145lbs__________15 of 135lbs (well over her bodyweight) 7 of 175lbs____________7 of 145lbs 3 of 200lbs____________3 of 155lbs So the Machine would score 550 while the Beest would be 125+145+175+200=645 points and take 3rd on the Thursday Night Leader board. wink Just a prediction Remember, Be safe, team up in groups of 3, use racks and clear the room around your station for your max attempts. Rule - you must be able to push or split jerk the weight overhead from behind the neck to attempt. No placing or stabilizing the bar by others.