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Overhead Squattin’

Today's workout is long overdue. I cannot remember the last time we did a one rep max overhead squat. So without further ado Technique: Review overhead squat technique. Workout: One rep max overhead squat. Just out of curiosity I queried "squat" on to see what had been written. Of course there was the standard controversy regarding squat depth, but what I found most interesting was the number of variants. * Back squat * Front squat * Overhead squat * Zercher squat - the bar is held in the crooks of the arms, on the inside of the elbow. * Hack squat - a barbell is held in the hands just behind the legs; invented by early 1900s professional wrestler Georg Hackenschmidt. * Sissy squat - a dumbbell is held behind the legs while the heels are lifted off the ground and the torso remains flat while the lifter leans backwards * Single leg squat. Also known as a "Pistol." * Split squat * Bulgarian squat * Hindu squat - is done without weight where the heels are raised and body weight is placed on the toes; the knees track far past the toes. * Jump squat * Bodyweight squat * Box squat * Belt Squat Now thanks to Andy I recognize most of these squat variations, but I am not at all familiar with the Hack squat, the Sissy squat or the Hindu squat. So, I decided to consult YouTube to see if I could find examples. Check it out Hack squat Sissy squat Hindu squat Hmmm, I am not certain as to whether all of these fall into the category of functional movement, but they certainly would be fun to try. -Kermit