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Pacing your 2000m Row for an accurate Average Wattage

The slide below gives a good simple graphic to consider when your going after a better 2K Row.   This one is for 7 min 2K Row. The same would pretty much apply for a 10min 2K row (2:30 pace).  Think about your effort and pacing at the start, middle and finish.

Using there graphic you would start off hard at a pace around 10sec faster than your ideal pace (so 1:35 in this example *and not full OUT ) -if the rower is going for that 1:45 pace in the middle.

After 30sec you decrease your power output to just below (2-3sec) the ideal pace and keep this for the next 5.5 min.

This strategy will allow you to have some energy left in the tank to go hard the last minute (again somewhere around 5 to15 sec faster than the ideal pace).

The bottom two graphs show the scenario’s if you’d go too hard or too slow, followed by what will be slower overall times.

Try it out and improve your times just by using your brain.   Infographic courtesy of WOD_Science.