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Paleo Breakfast Ideas

We constantly here that breakfast is the hardest meal for people on paleo. I for one find it the easiet meal to not cheat and I can constantly vary what I am eating. So myself and a few other paleo gurus (Brown Owl, Tbear, The Duronios.....) have compiled a short list for some simple breakfasts: 20 Different Breakfast that are clean (yes some of them will sound a little like a dinner meal but they are great in the morning and keep you full for most of the day) 1. Grilled Salmon and berries 2. Omelets and raw milk cheese 3. Veggie Frittata (you can add bacon, salmon or other meats also) 4. Paleo Pancakes 5. Paleo Scones 6. Bison Burgers with Zucchini 7. Smoothies 8. Paleo Nut Porridge 9. Steak and Eggs 10. Spinach and Butternut hash 11. Apple and Almond Butter 12. Paleo Banana Bread 13. Grilled Salmon and Asparagus 14. Sweet Potato Hash and Sausages 15. Ground Beef/Bison with eggs and Veggies 16. Cucumber and Pork Tenderloin 17. Bison Roast with Cauliflower surprise 18. Egg Cups 19. Stir-fry veggies (zucchini, peppers, kale, spinach) with pork 20. Primal Granola 21. Good old leftovers! (Lamb shanks are a fav!) Check out Brown Owls Blog for some great recipes Now remember to HYDRATE for tonight people! And remember NO CLASSES SUNDAY Saturdays Team WOD: In this order complete the following with only one person working at a time. Run 1 Mile 75 Shoulder Press (45/35lbs) 100 Double Unders 200 Calorie Row 100 Double Unders 75 Toes to Bar Together run 400 meters with a 20lb Ball (one ball per team) Happy Halloween, Dashie