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Paleo Challenge Entering The Critical Stage - Wednesday and Thursday Workouts Posted Simultaneously.

Listen up all you Paleo Diet enthusiasts/incumbents. We have until the end of February (almost 7 weeks) to finish this thing strong. Hunker down and clean up! There is still lots of time to make significant gains. Please post your food logs on today's blog. Wow does this look good. imageimage .65 lb Mahi Mahi steaks (blackened) grilled red peppers & zuchini, tomatoes, oven roasted potatoes, on a bed of arugula Wednesday's Workout: Tech: Work on Handstands. Use Tucker's handstand training template (rotating 3 people with a lead and back up spot). Try it on the parralettes if you have time. Work on Muscle Ups. If you are miles away then work the toe/knee assisted mu. If you are close try the jumping mu. If you are really close GET ONE!!! If you have one already try statics or a few max reps sets. Workout: Wabbits 10 Burpees 200m Run 9 Burpees 200m Run 8 Burpees 200m Run 7 Burpees 200m Run ... 2 Burpees 200 Run 1 Burpee 200m Run We've done this one before. Check your books and BEAT YOUR SCORE!! Be careful of traffic today and everyday. A neighbour came by today and said she has had a few too many close calls with our runners. Thursday's Workout: Here it comes... You know it... THE WIDOW MAKER 20 Rep Max Back Squat If you have not clued in, or were not here last winter, we are doing a cycle of Widow Makers again. The results last year were amazing. This "endocrine cannonball" (Mark Rippentoe) vaulted some of our athletes to a whole new level of performance. Not only do they does it train your squat, it trains your mind to be strong. Its all about will. This is the third time we have programmed it this time around. Most should have done this at least once so far. Definitely smart to go a little easy in the beginning. Do so if its your first time but if it is your second or third swing at this don't be afraid to jump up in weight. Especially if your last one was eazy cheezy. From here on in you need to do this once a week. If you cannot make it in that day do it before (or after if you are made of steel) the workout next time you are in. Enjoy! The Shepherd Ps. The lost and found will be transferred to Lauren's clothing drive after this weekend. Come grab your stuff or it goes to charity.