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Paleo Challenge Workouts

We'd like all Paleo Challenge People to complete all 6 Workouts by Nov 30. You may use the times/scores if you have completed any of them within the last 3 months. They WODs are: 100m Shuttle Run, Fran, CF Total Max Clean and Jerk Dirty Thirty v2 and the 5k Run. 9 laps around the bark and puddles at China Creek Park. If you can find time outside of class to run the 5km please do - keep it relatively flat if you map one out on the GMAPs Pedometer site. The weather never seems to be agreeing with us. I know the runners will be fine but the coaches might get a bit miserable out there timing. Friday Warmup Coaches Choice - use the shuttle run for those than still need to post their time. Workout - Find your max Clean and Jerk (1,1,1,1) - coaches be strict of technique. No press outs. Bar must be Jerked (ie thrown overhead and caught with straight arms) Get in there Saturday and Sunday to clean up the rest of the workouts. I'll post some available gym times tomorrow. Tbear