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Paleo Potpourri

Have most of you paleo'rs noticed that cooking and eating this lifestyle creates a lot more dishes to do? My sink-side time has tripled. Yes, my callused hands are are cleaner, but shit, my kitchen is even more crowded with slow cookers, salad spinners, tupperware, and creamy sub-par substitutes like almond milk and coconut milk than it has ever been before. Tonight, I went rogue - the priceless Ikea & Pier One China stayed in the cupboard. imageI went Caveman. Dipping my Bison Shoulder Roast in my Cauliflower Surprise and Dijon Mustard. I continued lifting and feeding myself Gai Lan right from the stove as I spiced it and mixed in more creative spices to make these big green Chinese vegetables go down easier. All at the same time, loving the fact that I'm not dirtying another fork and plate. This week also arose some temptation. After arriving at my favorite local gas station where we all have a little time to ponder as we squeeze the nozzle....I gazed around and you guessed mind smelled Salt and Vinegar Ms. Vickies and Haagen-Dazs Ice-cream over the smell of flowing petrol not but a couple feet away. My point is that I administered some willpower and didn't grab those extra salt laden chips and half litre of cookie-dough that could have easily added 1500 calories to my Thursday meals. Result - I'm 166lbs - 10lbs down from 6 weeks ago and 3lbs away from my Bali goal of 163. Surfing, running and muscle-ups are a breeze when your down a few pounds as well. Strength and power hasn't wavered as well. Last week I hit a new personal best for squat cleans and also hit some heavy sets of 5's on the deadlift which I've never done before. Anyway - post your thoughts on the extra dishes your doing, your cravings and temptations, and generally how your coping and feeling with this new paleo lifestyle?? OK?? We'd all like to hear some commentary now that were all about 3 weeks in. Saturday "Paleo Potpourri" Workout "Fran" - 21-15-9 of Thrusters and Pull-ups. If you have done this within the last couple months get CFP to hit you up with the: Paleo Dirty Thirty v2.0 CrossFit Total or Max Clean and Jerk. The last of the performance workouts is the 5km run which I'm going to ask you to complete on your own time and post to the wall at the gym. Let's get them all in by the 30th of November. T