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Paleo versus Zone?

Warm-up: 400m jog, stretch and shake out any tight muscles, then 400m run for time. Technique: Deadlift, warm-up accordingly and then perform 3 working sets of 5 repetitions (5,5,5) Workout: A wee chipper, 4 rounds for time of: 15 burpees 15 v-sits 15 pullups 15 double unders Everyone is no doubt anticipating T-Bear's Paleo challenge. In years past we have done a "flab" challenge based on Dr. Barry Sears Zone diet. So, why switch to Paleo? An even better question what is the difference between Zone and Paleo? Well, I am no nutritional expert by any stretch of the imagination so I went to a great source, Robb Wolf. His blog is a great source information and wouldn't you know it, he had the answer. "Barry Sears IS Paleo!!" ...Dr. Sears, the developer of the Zone…DOES NOT RECOMMEND WEIGHING AND MEASURING. HE RECOMMENDS FOOD QUALITY FIRST. He makes the point that WAM (weighing and measuring) may be more trouble than it’s worth... For the entire entry please go to Rob Wolf's Blog And for those of you thinking about entering the Paleo challenge here is a nifty site that packages and ships Paleo snacks. Paleo Kits Whether or not they ship to Canada though is anybody's guess.