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Paleo’rs - Keep Posting your food Logs to Tuesdays Blog

More than 50 of you need to post your food log. Let's keep it going - there should be 70+ comments before Wednesday night. Put it together and post at minimum your last three days. This will help our on-going discussion of macro-nutrient balance, acid-base balance, protein consumption, insulin sensitivities, etc. Submitting Food Logs is part of the challenge - there is an accountability aspect here. 10% of your score is based on submitted timely and accurate food logs. image Check out this ample $6.49 Whole Foods Breakfast below....yes a lil bacon is salty and has a bunch of saturated and monounsaturated fat, but in moderation it's a better cheat than having potatoes or toast in my book. Glycemic Index is zero, and their stuff is free range and nitrate free. I'm estimating this bowl at 5 blocks of Protein, 2 blocks of Carbs and 10 blocks (of less than stellar but tasty) Fat. Wednesday - Gymnastic Focus Warm-up & Technique - Mid-floor Handstand Holds - Try out the parallettes as well. Technique - Forward, Backward and Shoulder rolls Workout (4 stations - 3 Rounds - rotate through each station starting every minute - just like Fight Gone Bad - partner up and grab a stopwatch and logbook) - Max freestanding and/or walking handstand (1 pt for each second inverted - partner use stopwatch) added to - 1 min of 20" box jumps (1 pt for each box jump) added to - 1 min of distance covered in butt scoots (1 pt for every foot covered) added to - 1 min of superman rocks (1 pt for every rock) rest 1 min. Each Athlete will have a point score for the 14 minute workout. If a wall is used on handstands divide time/points by 5. Max score is 12 if handstand is held against wall for 60sec. If attempting a midfloor handstand walk/hold you can go up and down as much as you like. Clock always stops when your feet or ass hits the ground. Enjoy. Tbear