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Pascal’s Ride to Conquer

When I think about cycling 240 kilometers in two days, ‘therapeutic’ isn’t the descriptive word that comes to my mind. But for CrossFit Vancouverite, Pascal ‘I don’t look a day over 16’ Gray, his recent bike ride from Surrey to Seattle had elements of unmistakable therapy. Gray, a High School teacher, took part in the recent BC Ride to Conquer Cancer, a 240 kilometer bike ride. The main reason for the journey: A way to remember his father, who lost a battle with cancer and passed away a year and nine months ago. “The second day of the ride fell on Father’s Day, so that had a huge impact on me,” said Pascal. “It gave me a lot of time to reflect about who my Dad was, and to spend time with him in a metaphysical kind of way,” he added. Pascal says rides like this help him in dealing with the loss. “It was amazing to be around those 2,900 riders, to be surrounded by people on the same page as me,” he said. Another place Pascal feels at home is right here at CrossFit Vancouver. His first CrossFit experience? Last year’s Nutts Cup. He still remembers the pain. “I remember pushing to the point that I wondered if I’d get through the workout. And I thought to myself, ‘there’s nothing else that will do this to me,’” said Pascal, who was immediately hooked. “I was totally blown away by the workout and the people in the box, and it actually solidified what I already believed fitness to be.” Pascal says his father’s death was a cataclysm for change in his own life, and CrossFit provided him with the opportunity to do just that. “I was severely abusing my body and mind with my diet and alcohol misuse,” said Pascal, who quit drinking after losing his Dad. “I decided to dedicate my life to a healthier lifestyle,” he said. Since then, not only has he become an avid CrossFitter and bike rider, Pascal also ran his first half and full marathons last year. As for the ride to Conquer Cancer, so far Pascal’s fundraising efforts have raised $5,600, and it’s not too late to donate to his cause. If you want to donate click here.