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Pat Ballman for Climate Change

image Today it is my pleasure to share the inside story of my very first student with the rest of Crossfit Vancouver. He is known by many names Matt, Matty, Eagle, Bald Eagle, Patty Balls and Pat Ballman but most of the time I just call him Bro or Matt Dahlman. After many months of harassing him to move over to Vancouver and start training with me he finally agreed to do a first day with me in February of '09. Matt has alway had a scientific way of thinking and he recalls being most convinced by the practicality of Crossfit and the Code of Fitness. Plus he said if he was going to have to put up with working out, it was going to have to be the most efficient method he could find, and Crossfit boasted 3 minute workouts - "how could I go wrong?!" As important as the efficiency is to Matt he says he probably wouldn't be here as much as he is if it wasn't for the community. He loves every aspect of the community and thinks of almost all of us as family; sometimes he loves ya, sometimes he hates ya, but he always has your back. He describes his philosophy as the 20 20 20 system. As long as he spends 20 minutes socializing in the beginning, 20 minutes working out in the middle, and 20 minutes socializing he will keep coming back. Matt may have a pretty casual attitude about things and love talking people up when he gets to the gym but he also loves to compete. About 6 months into Crossfit Matt took the time to redo his first day and realized he really had come a long way (went from 3 ring dips to 14). This drove him to spend a couple of months on a strength program to help him develop what for him felt like a weakness. He managed to shave 10 minutes off his Zoe time. Now he is thinking of following some of the endurance programming to deal with another perceived weakness; look out over the next 6 months. If you wanna get to know Matt better you are in luck cause he and Em are hosting their birthday gala at the box on January 28th. It will be a Naughty or Nice Pajama party and things will get going around 9pm so bring your booze and a positive attitude and they would love to have you. Now for one of Matt's favorite song's Warm up: 800m Run Tech: Back Squat 3 rep max WOD: 20 Back Squats 225lbs (155 for girls) 500m Row