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Patty’s 39th Birthday Video part I

After much pondering, I have decided to publish the birthday video (in 2 parts), it is just too damn funny not to put up. I have to say on the night of the party, I felt the love like never before. I hope everyone gets one of these in their lifetimes, it was the most special 13 minutes of my life. Thanks to everyone who participated and a very special thanks to Emily and BK who spent at least 50 hours of their time on this. One warning, if you are offended by sexual innuendo, inappropriateness, crude launguage and political incorrectness, DON'T WATCH IT. There is an old saying: If you don't like vanilla ice cream, there is no need to bash those who do. Enjoy smile Thursday's lesson Plan: Get warmed up before the hour: See pre-warm up (especially you Pup) Warm up: Squat Clean & jerk Tech: Squat Clean & jerk WOD: Squat Clean & jerk Play with this movement, coaches video your students and do video analysis all through the hour. Spend a lot of time at 80% of your max Go for a new PR if you are feeling it Love yas Patty