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The new Project Endurance program starts early October

The new Project Endurance program starts early October.

This program is for anyone who wants to:

  1. Shed some fat
  2. Level-up their endurance/stamina
  3. Improve their cardio-vascular health

The plan is to Row, Run, Ride and Sled to tease out each athlete's specific rate limiter.

This rate limiter could be:

  1. localized muscular endurance
  2. the heart 
  3. breathing 
  4. movement/structure/position
  5. psychology
  6. recovery
  7. neurological

Once we find the 'rower' in the boat that's slowing things down, we'll customize the programming in hopes of improving that specific limiter.

Here's a peek behind the curtain at some of the concepts that went into the design of this program:

Pretty cool, right?

While I have your attention, here are few testimonials from past Project Cardia/Endurance participants:

I went into Project Cardia with a lot of concerns....would I be the slowest every workout (yes), would I dread every workout (yes), would I be uncomfortable every workout (YES). 

Even though  all my concerns were confirmed, after 6 weeks of challenging, intense cardio training, I would give the program an enthusiastic thumbs up and can't wait to do it again. 

My previous nonexistent cardio has improved significantly and I feel stronger and faster. 

Andy's knowledge, mad programming skills and experimental warm-up exercises will leave you challenged and better than when you started.

— Tara D


I am writing to give you all an update of Project Cardia results! 

My boys have been in a soccer camp in the mornings this week and my husband and I and a buddy we have here have been going on bike rides while they are at camp. 

Now, I certainly recognize I have been exercising far more than both of them, but not only am I crushing them and having to slow down or circle back to get them, 

I can hardly feel my heart working at all! I feel amazing, even on long, strenuous hill climbs!!

— Caleigh


My experience with "Project Cardia" was very positive. 

Before the program, I had never had any formal cardio training or metrics taken to gauge my actual cardiac output. The program was calculated and tailored to improve the my specific cardiac output - lactate tolerance.

 It's an intense program, but lots of fun. 

I gained a lot of tips on techniques in both rowing and running. 

I feel stronger more efficient. I recommend the program for anyone who is serious about making serious and measurable gains in their cardio.

I have felt direct and immediate gains of this cardio training on the Ultimate field. 

It has inspired me to pursue cardio specific workouts on my own to maintain and hopefully build on the gains I have achieved in the last 6 weeks.  

And if Andy offered the program again, I'd definitely consider signing up again.  

— Kim T


I really enjoyed Project Cardia. It surprised me in many ways. 

It opened my eyes to the sport of rowing. 

I died a few deaths along the way but it was satisfying to see my 2K time improve.

—Kimmy M (a very short person) 


Project Cardia is truly amazing.  Andy structures the Project Cardia program with customized individual training programs, at the same time provides a group session with a focused group warm up and an educational/theoretical introduction to the sessions.  

Project Cardia is challenging on an individual level, at the same time you work with a group of enthusiastic people, who cheer each other on, to achieve their best in each session.  

Andy measures your baseline when you first start and then structures your individual program to meet your needs and to ensure improvement.  The results tell the story.

I will definitely join up for future Project Cardia sessions, as they have helped me to start the ski season strong.  I can do more and it is easier than last year.  Thanks Andy!

—Cindy W


Project cardia was an excellent program. I signed up as way to motivate myself to get back to Madlabs on a regular basis as I had fallen off the fitness wagon for a while. 

Unfortunately, just before the start of the program I injured my back which affected my ability to do some of the workouts and to perform at the levels I had hoped to. 

However, even with those issues the classes were great. There was always some modification that I could perform and they motivated me to keep moving, as best as I could, while recovering my back. 

Andy is a good motivator and his mad experiments are fun and do work. 

Even with my somewhat limited participation I feel my cardio did improve. I can hardly wait to sign up to the next one when I am completely healthy (knock on wood). Thanks Andy! 

—Wayne A


Thanks AGAIN! Your programming and knowledge never plateaus. Always engaging and challenging. My only wish, that it was a staple and not just a special needs (wants) course. 

—Kevin N


Project Cardia was an intense 6 weeks of discovering where the limits are and with the help of Andy's expert knowledge and programming, pushing those a little bit further. 

I was able to see and feel some great improvements during the program: my recovery was quicker and I was faster overall. 

I thought rowing and running sucked before I started and although that feeling hasn't gone away, I kinda look forward to those activities :)

—Lex I


You can find more information about Project Endurance at

Read the FAQs.

Follow the instructions to sign up. Sooner is better than later.

Contact Andy at  if you have any questions.