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Pelvic Tilt In The Golf Swing

How you set up your pelvis at address and how you move it in the golf swing is integral to a good sequence and healthy back.

In a perfect world one would set up with a neutral pelvis then turn into an anterior tilt in the back swing then move to a posterior tilt in the down and through swing then back to anterior tilt at the finish. 

I know its a lot of words but you do the same thing in a baseball pitch or tennis serve.  Here is a good sequence.

Perhaps the easiest way to say this is look at the arch in the back in the first the third picture you can see the back is hunched which is posterior pelvic tilt.

If you don't tilt your pelvis in this way then most of the force of rotation goes in to your back and voila... Your back hurts when you golf.  It doesn't have to.

Using the TPI Golf Fitness model I can screen your pelvis and back for their ability to tilt and rotate.  If there is a weakness there (and there always is) then we can get to work and improving the mobility and stability of the entire area.  As well we will practice the correct movement pattern.

Here is a great article and video with Dr Greg Rose, co-founder of TPI, discussing the importance of pelvic tilt in the golf swing.

I can speak from my own experience that focusing on the pelvic tilt pattern has dramatically increased the repeatability of my swing and added distance.

If you would like to know more about how the pelvis works in the golf swing, or TPI Golf Fitness please contact Chris Saini at


Happy Swinging!