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Personal Defence Readyness Workshop-Sunday August 16th

image We have a few spots that just opened up, post to comments or contact lunger to sign up. Personal Defense. Think you don't need it? The SPEAR System is the first genetically & behaviorally inspired self defense program. It is the only self defense method that fully integrates your body's reflexive response and instinctive survival mechanisms making the SPEAR the easiest, most natural way to defend yourself. Understanding and directing fear is the key to overcoming any obstacle in your life. Blauer Tactical Systems' breakthrough research on fear management is the foundation of our programming. Much more than self defense training, expect to experience transcendent applications in your personal and professional life! Come find out why Tony Blauer and the SPEAR System are to the self defense industry what Coach Glassman and CrossFit are to the fitness industry. Presented by BC's only Blauer Tactical Systems certified Personal Defense Readiness Coaches and CrossFit Vancouver. Sunday August 16th Registration 9am, Seminar starts 9:30am -5:00pm with a 1.5-hour lunch break. Space limited to 20 participants. Cost: $100 (This is a kick ass price) Physiology unites us all. Whether you are a trained martial artist or have no previous combat experience our Personal Defense Readiness Seminar will enhance your personal safety! Tony Blauer on the Startle/Flinch Response: