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Philosophies of Coach Chesty

Coach Chesty shares some of his philosophies about training.


The body often craves an efficient use of its energy, as it doesn’t like to work harder than it needs to. If you don’t use the range of motion of your shoulder, it won’t bother maintaining the use of your shoulder. You have to give it a reason to get stronger, let alone maintain its current level of use.

We have some 30 trillion cells in our body. They’re in a constant state of regeneration. With its constant state of remodelling, you're always influencing what you become. Your body’s ability is changing constantly. Imagine how you feel after a long flight, now imagine being on that flight for as many years as you are old. How would you feel? How would look? How would you function? There’s a reason people in the same line of work have common issues with pain or function. That shoulder works just like it does because of something you do, or something you did.

If your body is going to listen to anything, it needs to hear it a lot. Mind you, this is all within reason, as you must be able to repeat something often, without breaking down completely. Repeatability is key. You need that minimum effective dose. Rehabilitation and training are the same things, just different dosages. One of the reasons I value working one-on-one with my clients is we can figure out what's important enough to them to want to improve, and how we can get them doing it more often.

 You give your body a reason to get better or get worse. It’s never staying the same.