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Physical Causes and Fixes of Early Extension in the Golf Swing

What the heck is early extension in the golf swing?

Essentially it is not staying in your posture throughout the back and down swing and through impact.  Standing up too early gets the body, moreover the hips, in the way of the of the hands and the club.  As a result you will make ineffectual compensations which will usually result in poor contact.  Poor contact can result in next to no distance or you being in the trees.  No fun.

Best case scenario, the golfer's glutes in the picture above would stay in contact with the white line until after impact with the ball.  As you can see from this picture he is in early extension - His hips/glutes are off the white line at impact. 

Dave Phillips is "The Man" at The Titleist Performance Institute.  He explains early extension beautifully in this video.

Now this could be happening because you are not focusing on your posture... Or you are too much in a hurry to stand up... Or perhaps you saw a squirrel.  They are everywhere on golf courses those cute furry little buggers!

Or... This could be happening due to the physical limitations your body has. 

The good news is all of these causes are fixable. (except the squirrels!)



With TPI Golf Fitness we will test for and work to fix the physical limitations that cause the various swing faults.  The Body Swing Connection is a very important piece of the golf fitness and swing puzzle.

What are some of these physical limitations?

  • Inability to do a deep squat or a full hip bend (touch your toes) will impair your ability to hold your posture
  • Tightness in the lead hip will prevent rotation and encourage lateral and upward movement
  • Inability to disassociate turning the hips from the torso
  • Poor glute and core strength in order to drive the pelvis into the correct movement

We have several exercises that can help you maintain your posture all the way through your swing.  You can find just a few of them at the bottom of the page in this link.

Of course this is not the only swing fault that could be caused by physical limitations.  Do you think you may have others?

If you are interested in learning more about TPI Golf Fitness please contact Chris at

Happy Swinging!!