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Pink Pig's Birthday Wish - Revenge of The Big MAN!

For far too long the big man has been kept down, made to feel slow and akward.........denied his rightful place of "supreme lord of the waves".............NO MORE I say!!!! It is time for the midget to be faded to the inside and relearn his diminished role in the line up and once again fear the BIG MAN!   To witness the big man's rebirth we are having a Surf trip to Tofino on May long weekend.  All of your favorite coaches and apprentices are staying at the Cox bay resort. Come join us either at Cox bay or at anyone of the places to stay in Tofino May 18,19,20,21 (reserve a place and a ferry now).  The Pink Pig will get you surf gear if you don't have any. and you may get to see this: :)     Monday's Skill/Strength Element: Wall Angles (8 reps) and Split Jerks (3 Reps).  4 Sets of each.   Monday's Workout: 2 Mile Run   Sackamoto......luves ya :)