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GYMNASTICS is key for active living, don’t knock it! So many people out there do not want their kids to be a competitive gymnast but they just want them to be able to learn a cartwheel or a handstand but what they do not know is actually how awesome gymnastics is! As a high school Physical education teacher and gymnastics coach I have seen huge developmental milestones in kids all through participating in gymnastics in a non-competitive environment. Not huge advancements like an iron cross but rather they have improved agility, balance and coordination, these are the ABC’s of active living so even though most of us are not kids it doesn’t mean that gymnastics wont work for us! Through gymnastics we get better flexibility, become more aware of our bodies, gain confidence and have a load of fun! So do not hide away on Gymnastics Wednesdays (aka: Pixie Days) Here is a link to Gymnastics WOD, Carl Paoli knows his stuff! Check it out! Gymnastics Wednesday! Warm-up – 3 rounds of: 5 forward rolls, 3 backward rolls and 5 Cartwheels. TECH: Lets test some of our basic gymnastics skills, -Max Handstand hold against a wall - key is open that shoulder -& your Max L sit -As time permits practice Active Hangs on the bar and shoulder shrugs against the wall in the handstand – a great warmup for HSPU’s WOD: ‘A SNAPPING MARY’ AMRAP in 20 mins 5 HSPU 10 Pistols 15 Pullups (Switch your grip up each round with over/under/mixed and work that grip strength) 20 V-Sits/Snaps Who has the better handstand? Not a lot of difference but the small amount more that Tbear pushes his head through helps to open the shoulders. Have fun Kids, Dashie