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Play Day at CrossFit Vancouver

Awesome videos by Popeye and BK. Nice work gents!! That's the most Popeye has run all year. Impressive. Guest appearance by Tbear a bonus. Those workouts look bad ass. Its going to be an excellent day for our community. We have changed how the leaderboard is broadcast on our site. Today's top ten will be posted throughout the day tomorrow on If you want to check out how the scores are going throughout the day just go to Patty made this change in response to many comments. Trial and error - it's the way of nature. As for Friday's Workout: Play Day Warm up: 1 Wall Ball (20/12 lbs) 1 Burpee Add 1 How far in 5 minutes? So after doing 1 and 1 do 2 and 2 then 3 and 3 then... Half rounds count Workout: Work on your Clean or Snatch. No leaderboard today. Just fool around with the lifts. To get your sense of play aroused watch this video. This guy looks like he is having fun. I must say I was a little disappointed nobody commented on the "Drugs in Sport" or "Cosmic Calender" links. The Shepherd loves you anyway.