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Play Day!

At CFV we like to work hard but sometimes we forget to just have fun. No leaderboard today. Grab a partner or a couple partners and play together trying these different stations. You can challenge each other to see who wins or help each other. Whichever is more fun for you. WOD: Partner Play Day Station 1: Slosh Pipe Andy made this fun tool that we rarely play with. Try a front, back and overhead squat with it. Can't do it alone? Do it in tandem with your partner. Or challenge your partner for max reps. Station 2: Prowler Races We have 2 sleds. Load them with weights and challenge your friend to sprint the length of the school. Station 3: Hanging Travel How far can you travel along the pull up bars? Can you make it across the school and back? Station 4: Heavy Bag Slams How many can you do in 2 minutes ground to overhead? Go head to head with your partner or if the bag is too heavy to do alone, get your partner to help you and see how you do as a pair. Are there other games you can think of? Feel free to play and innovate. Use the full hour, travel around the school, play with the toys.