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Poo In the Woods

If you haven't heard me talk about .....or bellow about Kelly Starrett and his FREE mobilty blog at your not hanging out enough at the school. Try this 10 min squat in the warmup.....then hunt around on his blog for tips on almost everything that causes you grief when working out. Our daily mobility, or lack there of is quite humbling. The one and only School of Fitness, born in Vancouver,, wants you to learn and understand that mobility is paramount to increasing power output. Especially, if your thinking of going anywhere near the realms of "BadAss" Status. Sunday Tech: Clean and Jerk - Go to max - find your limitations, - note them, - discuss them - and try some options as depth, speed, and strength become the right answers then hit the classic image and post your best time ever to the LEADERBOARD. T Out. Hope you enjoyed the killer week. Shep's up next, learn and enjoy!