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Popeye Day 3

" It is our current contention that Crossfiter's are developing an increased work capacity, across broad times and modal domains." - Coach Glassman Staying true to the whole functional movements, constantly varried, performed at high intensity concept... Day 3 will require a larger demand on a different energy pathway than today's workout. It will incorporate many of the 10 general physical skills, but most dominant will be muscular endurance... Giddyup!!!! 2 Chin ups (STATIC, SUPINATED GRIP ONLY!) 4 Knees to elbows 6 D-Ball push-ups (hands on top of D Ball, CHEST MUST TOUCH BALL EVERY REP, for modification on the push ups perform on knees. If chose the later put asterik by name) 8 Alternating box jumps (jump with 2 feet, land on top of box with one foot, immediately spring off and land back onto 2 feet, repeat with opposite leg at the top of the box.) Perform 8 total, 4/ side Perform as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes... most rounds= Alpha Dog