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Pops turns 40

This has to be a big one - and bloody hell its gonna be all gymnastic based. Here's a dozen reasons to wish Popeye a Happy 40th on Wednesday! Ironically it's my Dad's birthday as well - Happy 60th Dad! "The 40 year old Chipper"image 40 Pistols (alt) 40 Pullups 40 Pushups 40 Foot Rope Climb (3 Ascents) 40 Superman Rocks 40 Jumping Squats 40 Toes to Bar 40 Backward Lunges (touch knee) 40 Hollow Rocks 40 Box Jumps (20") 40 Burpees Once over the bar to Finish! Enjoy!! 5 bucks off any new T's for anyone who beats the birthday boy's time. New thoughts for Saturday's WOD - The BCMC Trail - little less crowded than both Kits Pool and GG. Check it out BCMC