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Feel Good - Move Good

Coach Chesty talks about how a good mood creates a good body.


Let me know when you’re ready. I can wait. I sometimes wonder if she understands how patient I really am. A light upward tug to the collar seems to work when needed, but what relationship am I trying to build here. The psychological and neurological future depends on everything that we do moving forward. I rather we both feel good about this.

My pup Hazel has a tough time with going outside. It wouldn’t be an issue if we lived on a big ranch with an earth population of 2 people. The anxiety struggle is real. And this stuff came from a crucial learning stage in her life. The lack of socialization instilled some tough foundation of fear and stubbornness. And now when out in that environment, that’s all we’re going to get. Shaking, panting, resisting, and tail tuck that leaves it pressed firmly to the belly.

Our bodies can have a tough time: how we feel in certain positions, react under pressure, and how gingerly we must approach some things. The facts remain, we feel a whole lot better about something when we’re in the mood. That mood is everything. It directly affects the brain, which affects tissue tone.

Tissue tone is regulated by the brain through a series of contractions adjusting the tension of the tissue. Think of it as something that guards the body and helps maintain balance. It has a lot to do with how you feel and function. Your psychological state will affect your physiological state. If your body is in alert mode, it’s not going to be accepting of your inputs. Repeated endeavours like this will create some bad feelings. People don’t want to repeat bad feelings. As much as we can grow from tough situations, if we’re too wound up, there’s no good learning that will come from it. That’s too much tension to work through without forcing something.

In Hazel's case we put the collar on early and frolic around the house for an hour, and then go outside when she’s distracted by happiness. We’ll include training with treats and drills to stimulate the brain with a positive reward environment. Or I’ll just dart around the loft making absurd dog noises as we juke each other out. We’ve cycled anxiety medication and sometimes she just needs a good massage (those pecs are tight!). We create the feel good.

In my case, I’ll hop in the bath and warm up my tissue and do some creative thinking for the day. As I dry up I’ll do some deep breathing in bed or on the couch. I’ll suit up in some sweatpants and a hoody and bounce around to some tunes. Sometimes have a beer or cocktail and throw a classic football game on. Let’s be reasonable here. We’re looking to settle some feelings not get into our feelings. Heck, you can even crack out the foam roller for some touch induced analgesia.

Now that the body is ready and willing, we can deliver the goods. Follow along with the Mobility Class and programming.