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Chesty - The Mobility Guy

Coach Chesty share some self-reflection.


I wonder if I’m really the mobility guy I’ve come to know. I wonder if they see me differently than I truly am.

I do not foam roll or perform soft tissue massage every day, or that much at all. I have found a positive change in tissue tone after repeated bouts of such soft tissue techniques when performed regularly. I don’t actively move my joints through their full range of motion every day. I have felt amazing when I’ve performed a daily routine consisting of CARs, or other almost any other reasonable movement. I’ve ignored every single sprain/strain from the day it happened to the first day of physiotherapy, and likely years later when it became a chronic issue. I’ve actively pursued my rehabilitation with remarkable results. I’ve also had some pretty unremarkable results along the way to make me question all of it. 

Today I filled out an intake form for my practitioner’s office: check the box that applies and detail anything else about your body. I was stoked I left vomiting and diarrhea unchecked. With the checks, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed at how much discomfort I had experienced up to this point (joint pain, injury history, energy levels etc). It’s easy to get caught in a blame shame game; reasoning with things that are either in or out of our control. I default to shame, or the “how did I allow this to continue for so long”. It’s pretty easy to identify what you're doing wrong with that kind of mentality. I should practice more of what I preach, become something others aspire to be. 

I try to demo every joint exercise a few more times than is needed to get my point across. I join in with my classes and clients when my hip feels like it needs love too. I book time in with the people that service my body the ways I’d rather not, or can’t. I “restart” as many times as I have to, until I realize I never stopped, just lost my direction. I surround myself with people showing up regularly to make themselves better. 

I’m likely way more mobile than I think I am, and a little less mobile than you think I am. I suppose it’s relative to our perception of mobility, but that’s something to explore another time. For now, let me show you better ways to mitigate issues and come back stronger than ever.