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CanWest the Weekend of Competition

The past weekend saw 5 MadLab athletes compete at the Canwest Games in Coquitlam. For two of these athletes it was their first time competing and it was amazing to watch them try something new, put themselves out there, learn and grow.

Thankyou to everyone who came out and cheered the crew on, it means a lot to have support out there! 

Here is how the weekend summed up for some of the athletes:

1. What you learnt over the weekend 
2. Number 1 moment 
3. Next challenge for you


1. I learned that competing is fun and brings out the best in me. That I'm super competitive. That I looooove competing and that I work well under pressure which I definitely didn't think was true! 

2. It was all a number one moment, I feel like I pr'd almost every movement and did far better than expected. But hitting 15 out of 18 rope climbs , a million pull ups, and PRing my snatch at 105lb with what felt like some room for extra ... was AWESOME. But in all real honesty, meeting all these amazing people from all around me, making so many new friends, and just being there in general... that was my highlight. 
3. My next challenge is to continue to train hard, and hopefully move up the wait list to compete at FVT, if not, individuals at festivus next year and try to do as many fun little competitions along the way to stay motivated and excited!
Thanks for all the support guys! Happy girl! 


1. Just that competing is a lot of fun with the group that we have. How much support we have with our crew at DP, seeing how many people came out to watch. 
2. When I struggled doing snatches and cleans, which I think given that I am good at those things, serves as biggest learning moments for me. As a team, my favorite was how well we rallied in the bar muscle up workout after a complete gong show in the clean workout directly preceding that. 
3. I just want to continue to improve, get stronger, get faster, get sexier. Just the beginning. 


1. I learned a lot about how important strategy for team workouts is and how costly little organizational errors can be.  I also left with weekend with a better idea of some of my weaknesses, like barbell cycling speed and just moving quickly and efficiently in general.  
2.Favourite parts of the weekend were: 
  • Watching Chloe give it her all and have so much fun doing it!  So inspiring. 
  • Dave stepping up all weekend for the team and dominating the hang cleans.
  • Kelly hitting her 130lb hang snatch 
  • Young shaking off a bad workout and hitting bar muscle ups in sets of 2s and 3s 
  • The look on Tom's face after watching us do the handstand workout 
3. Next challenge for me is the Ride to Conquer Cancer!!  (Donate HERE)
Thanks to everyone who came out to support us, especially coach Tom who gave up his whole weekend to be there with us!  


1. I learned that the first one is always the  hardest. As per Young; and reminded us all I think that no event will ever be executed perfectly. 
2. My favorite moment was watching Chloe state up her boots and get shit done in the rope climb and and pull event. She put her head down and did the work which is what competing is all about. Shutting up and dealing with it. Rain or shine. 
What made you Proud? I was pretty proud of how far our elite team got in the bar muscle up workout. Being a new skill for Young and not necessarily a strength of our team they performed as near perfect as possible given the previous event, the time cap and the arrangement of of the rig. 

Myself (Dash)

1. Well I learned that I actually stay pretty calm in competitions and that I exceed my expectations through adrenaline. I also learnt that MadLab runs really really good events.

 2. My favorite moment was definitely hitting my Hang Snatch. However just being around the team over the weekend was a lot of fun.

 3. My next challenge……a wedding in 2018


Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend! And a shout out to Tom who was there the entire weekend looking after the 5 of us and dealing with all our sillyness