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Pre-Warm-Up Much?

Coach Sheppy reminds everyone that there is no such thing as too much warm-up.


With our current pandemic safety protocols in place, it can be difficult to get your pre-warm done while at the gym.

What is a pre-warm-up you say?

Well, it's the basic preparation you need to do in order to delve into further layers of getting ready to exercise.    

I tell my clients you need to do something for your hips, torso/spine, core and shoulders as well as some light cardio to get the blood moving.  Not only does this prep you for the workout but it also helps prevent injuries and facilitate recovery.  

There is time to get some of this done in the 5 minutes before class.  I hope you make good use of this time.  

However, there is no saying you can't be doing this at home before you come to the gym...  Or near your car when you park...  Heck, you can park at the gym and go for a little jog before you come in.

Here are some suggestions for your pre-warm-up:


  • Cat camels
  • Can opener
  • Jefferson curl


  • Alternating pigeon
  • 90/90s
  • Hip CARs


  • Shoulder CARs
  • Cuban press
  • Corkscrewing albatross


  • Dead bug - Hold or reps
  • Plank - Front and side
  • Hollow rocks

Other body parts

  • Knee CARs
  • Ankle CARs
  • Wrist love

Hybrid Movements - Movements that utilize multiple different body parts to do after hips/spine and shoulders are warm.

  • T Spine bridge
  • Scorpions
  • Standing windmill
  • Lunge and twist


As you know we get you prepped for the movements you are going to practice on any given day.  Getting this pre-warm-up done will only enhance your ability to perform and be your best athlete.