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Pregnant Wendy: Pull-ups for two, not eating for two

image image **If you don't win the paleo challenge, maybe you'll do better at this guess the baby's sex, date, weight contest (details at the end of this story).** I was at the mall the other day and right next to the handicapped parking spots were pregnant women stalls. I don’t know what it is, and maybe I shouldn’t judge since I’ve never been pregnant, but too many pregnant women these days seem to think they’re both eating for two and have some kind of sickness. Then I came to the school. And there she was, five months pregnant, rocking the burpees. Some of you might have noticed that Wendy’s belly has been growing over the last couple months, and that Derek ‘Panda,’ the proud father-to-be who she met during her undergrad degree at UBC, has an extra big grin on his face. She’s due on February 8, 2011 and plans to keep CrossFitting until the delivery if she can. “I may have taken it as a personal challenge from T-Bear,” admitted Wendy. T-Bear gave her an article about an American girl who CrossFitted until the week she gave birth. “I was inspired,” said Wendy, who works as a policy planner for the District of West Vancouver. (Since nobody’s job title tells you anything these days about what they actually do, here’s a more specific description of her job: in short, Wendy (and her research) works really hard to antagonize Patty about ‘global warming’). This pregnant CrossFitting thing was sort of always Wendy’s plan. When she first came to CF Van almost two years ago, there was a woman who was six months pregnant hitting the WODs. “It just made sense to me, so I always figured I’d be able to do it [when I was pregnant],” she said. That’s not to say CrossFitting with a growing belly hasn’t been without its challenges. “Some days, WODs are super frustrating,” explained Wendy, who said the toughest challenge has been figuring out how to turn down her competitive drive. “But for the most part, it’s been a very simple transition: just listen to what my body is saying, modify those movements that are impossible and dangerous now, and generally lower the weight.” Wendy admits that pull-ups have become harder, not necessarily because she is doing pull-ups for two, but because the kipping motion is painful on the belly. “Other than that, it’s been awesome...It helps me feel normal and also like a super momma...,” said Wendy. Awesome is how CrossFit has always been for this super momma. “It makes me hurt and grimace and cry and scream, but it also makes me strut like I own the place, wherever I go. New confidence, new strength, new friends. What more can you ask for?” said Wendy. She goes so far to suggest that the fitness and health CrossFit has given her and the Panda – her husband of three years – might have helped them get pregnant so easily. “It took us one attempt to get pregnant. Not joking. We’re still in shock,” Wendy revealed. The couple found out that a little Panda was on its way while in the Czech Republic for the World Ultimate Championships in July. “After a week in Prague, playing two, three, sometimes four 100 minute-long games per day, in 35+ degree heat, eating in secondhand smoke-filled restaurants, and with little to no sleep each night,” said Wendy. The discovery petrified her. “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t mostly scared shitless,” she said. Ok, here comes the part where you guys get to factor in. There’s a Patterson-driven theory around the school that when the female is CrossFitting and the male is not, she tends to have a boy because her Paleolithic era instinct is to populate the earth with more men. Conversely, male CrossFitters tend to have females for the same reason. But in this case, both Wendy and Derek are avid CrossFitters. Will it be a girl or a boy? “I have no friggin idea. I’m hoping for a girl, so that Derek’s mom can have a granddaughter – she already has two grandsons,” said Wendy. Here’s the deal: Post your predictions to comments (her official due date isn’t until February 8th, 2011, so you have plenty of time). DETAILS: Include: -SEX -DATE (exact hour and date) -WEIGHT (pound and ounce) - The winner is the person who is off by the least amount of hours and ounces - one hour is equal to one ounce. You must get the sex right to win. - $5 for entries (we’ll set up a jar at the school). - The winner gets half the pot. - The other 50% goes to the baby’s college fund. Until then, Wendy will keep on keeping on. “Are you going to do burpees all the way until 9 months?” I asked. “In the immortal words of Patty, ‘Fuck yeah,’” she said.